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  1. This Week In Music Commentary
  2. US elections see the rise of the Twitter bots
  3. Ukrainian hackers show what Putin is hiding
  4. Deadline For SXSW Accelerator Startup Pitch Event Nears
  5. 23% Of CDs Sold On Amazon Are Counterfeit, Say Investigators
  6. The Time Has Come For Facebook To Accept Songwriters' Friend Request [David Israelite
  7. Non-Discretionary Pricing: Why Spotify Costs 63% More In UK Than US [Mark Mulligan]
  8. As Vine Shuts Down, A Brief History Of Failed Social Media Sites [INFOGRAPHIC]
  9. Trump server secretly communicated with Moscow
  10. Ford signs Blackberry deal
  11. Musician's Starter Guide To Pinterest
  12. 3 Ways To Drive Lasting Traffic To Your Music Website
  13. Ditto Music Adds 7th Global Office In Sweden
  14. Apple To Lower The Price Of Apple Music, Claims Dubious Report
  15. Spotify App Control Of Sonos Launches In Public Beta
  16. Dark web is not as dim as you think
  17. Canadian coppers start spying on journalists
  18. AM BRIEF: Streaming Surge Boosts Sony Revenue • Digital Sales Tumble • SFX Stalls • M
  19. Librarian Of Congress Fails To Alert Oversight Committees Of Massive Abuse Of Copyrig
  20. Should Spotify's Daily Mix Be A Standalone Product?
  21. What We've Lost In The Age Of Streaming Music
  22. Spotify's Most Played and Viral Songs In The US, UK and Globally 11.2.16
  23. Music Fibre Launches A Directory Of Music Industry Resources
  24. Android rules the world
  25. AM BRIEFING: Facebook Fights Piracy • YouTube Red Stats • Spotify Relaunches Artists
  26. Country Music Awards - Full List Of Winners
  27. Spotify Relaunches Artists Site As "How To" Guide, But Stops Sharing Per Stream Payme
  28. Wrong sort of virus shuts down three UK hospitals
  29. Did anyone watch the TV show Greek
  30. "Go Cubs Go" Streams Spike Dramatically After World Series Win
  31. The Art And Science Of A Music Chatbot
  32. Best Musician T-Shirt Ever
  33. Moving Past The Static Music Experience
  34. Independent Music Store Chart Week Ending 10.28.16
  35. 7 Common Themes To Secure Music Blog Coverage
  36. Music Publishing News 11.4.16: Sony Settles w/ Songwriters • Germany OK's YouTube • I
  37. AM BRIEF: Neil Young Back On Streamers • Dick Clark Sold To Chinese Co. • Racist CMA?
  38. Ukraine wants Volish HoloLens
  39. Boffins use magnets to repair gizmos
  40. ReverbNation Acquires Audiokite Fan Feedback Platform
  41. REQUIRED READING: This Week's Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  42. Neil Young Catalog Returns To Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Napster, Deezer, Others
  43. Memphis Industries On Running An Independent Label
  44. Dear Country Music Association, Prove You're Not Racists By Featuring Beyonce, Dixie
  45. Conspiracy Theories Run Rampant Following Copyright Office Executive Changes
  46. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. And Indie Music
  47. This Week In Music Commentary
  48. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Secure Blog Coverage • Rehearse In A Storage Unit • Wr
  49. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  50. FBI wasted two years chasing “satire” cult
  51. Microsoft defends Viking chess champion from Russian hackers
  52. More Than Half The World's Internet Users Are On Facebook [CHART]
  53. Is Facebook The Musicians Friend Or A Massive Infringer?
  54. Pharrell’s Star Pupil Debuts, Vulfpeck Flex Funk Muscles
  55. Dan Sheron On Touring Russia
  56. Drake Redefines What A Hit Album Is As "Views" Passes 3 Billion Streams Just On Spoti
  57. Country Music By The Numbers: A Statistical Look At Country's Stars, Fans And What Th
  58. Samsung to release its own artifical intelligence helper
  59. Snowden squashes Trump’s conspiracy theory
  60. Hip Hop Hall Of Fame To Add Hotel, Music Venue
  61. Best Quotes From The Music Business
  62. Data: Could It Have Saved Beyoncé From Her Recent CMA Flop?
  63. 2 Days Left To Enter International Acoustic Music Awards
  64. Artist's Guide To Getting A Great Manager
  65. Microsoft fixes huge Windows 10 bug
  66. Chinese bitcoin mining outfit builds huge data centre
  67. SXSW Accelerator Deadline Is This Friday
  68. Seymour Stein Reveals “Embarrasing” Deal Made with Madonna
  69. RIP Vine: A Guide To Using YouTube & Instagram To Promote Your Events
  70. Spotify's Most Viral Tracks Last Week US, UK and Global
  71. Martin Goldschmidt On Cooking Vinyl's History, Future [INTERVIEW]
  72. Shazam To Add Concert Dates From Songkick
  73. German telco wants “debate” on privacy
  74. Smartphones keep you awake
  75. Indie Music Store Top 100, Top Debuts, Vinyl Sales Charts For Week Ending 11/4/2016
  76. Orlando To Purchase Pulse Nightclub, Create Memorial
  77. Why The Rebirth Of Liner Notes Matters For Music
  78. RIAA Certifies 100 Gold and Platinum Awards For October 2016
  79. Stagehand: Connecting Local Venues and Musicians [Hypebot Readers Get A FREE Premium
  80. Pandora Launches Harmonic Audio Network with TuneIn, AccuRadio
  81. AT&T’s purchase of Time Warner in trouble
  82. String theory might be about to finally be killed off
  83. TOP POSTS: This Week's Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  84. Country's Cowboys: Where Have They All Gone?
  85. Spotify Is Dumping Huge Amounts Of Junk Data On Your Hard Drive, Fix Promised
  86. Why Would A Big Arms Dealer Want A Piece Of Pandora?
  87. Facebook: Finally Ready To Be A Media Company?
  88. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. and Indie Music
  89. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Contributors • The Internet Hates Your Band • Optimize
  90. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  91. This Week In Music Commentary
  92. Boffins work out how your fingers can grass you up
  93. BMW wants to sell 100,000 electric cars next year
  94. Advice on Recording In (former) Eastern Europe
  95. How To Better Understand Your Fanbase
  96. 2 Big Promotions + 4 New Signings = Cooking Vinyl 11.14.2016
  97. The Fickle Listening Habits Of Streaming Music Consumers [CHART]
  98. Napster/Rhapsody Posts Surprise $1.6M Quarterly Profit
  99. Spotify Update Available - Download It Now To Save Your Hard Drive
  100. NHS email system borked by one idiot and 120 pedants
  101. Tech companies ask Trump to backtrack on encryption
  102. SoundCloud To Host Free Artist Forum Tomorrow On Facebook Live
  103. Using Facebook For Event Marketing
  104. 6 Important Music Tech Predictions From 20 Industry Tastemakers
  105. Jake Schneider Of Madison House [INTERVIEW]
  106. 10 Free Online Music Tools For Kickstarting Your Creativity
  107. Apple makes its MacBook Pro even less upgradeable
  108. IBM wants to make the internet from tubes
  109. AM BRIEF: Amazon Files Counterfeit CD Suit • Apple Music Nabs '808' Exclusive • BMG +
  110. AM BRIEF: Amazon Files Counterfeit CD Suit • Apple Music Nabs '808' Exclusive • BMG +
  111. 4 Great Music Business Quotes
  112. Spotify Adds 'Discover Weekly' Style Concert Recommendation Emails, Partners With Tic
  113. SoundCloud Updates Creator Platform, Pledges To Pay More Artists
  114. What 4 Music Startups Reveal About The Future Of Music
  115. Join SoundCloud's Free Artist Forum Live Online Today At 12:45PM ET
  116. Too many Chinese CEOs in Silicon Valley
  117. Logitech sees life in the PC yet
  118. AM BRIEF: Flo & Eddie, SiriusXM Settle • FB Botches Metrics, Again • TicketNet Buys S
  119. How To Make A Music Chatbot (Minus The Gimmicks)
  120. Do Playlists Make It Harder To Break An Artist?
  121. ReverbNation Partners with The Fader's Publishing Network
  122. ASCAP Veteran Jon Bahr Joins CD Baby As VP of Music Publishing and Rights Management
  123. Yes, Live Nation Is Selling Tickets Directly To Scalpers
  124. Apple finally releases cure for touch disease
  125. Three was hacked
  126. 8 Ways To Get Back To Work Post Election [Kosha Dillz]
  127. Music Publishing News 11.18.16: DoJ Appeals BMI Ruling • GEMA Restricted • Songwriter
  128. FRI. BRIEF: What.CD? Shuttered • Musictoday Finds Buyer • EchoNest CTO Exits • More
  129. Stream Metallica's New Album 'Hardwired...To Self-Destruct' Free On YouTube
  130. A Look Inside Spotify's Redesign Process
  131. Streaming Music: Give It Away, Give It Away, Give It Away Now [Glenn Peoples Of Pando
  132. How Many Counterfeit CDs Is Amazon Selling?
  133. Four Ways To Enjoy Your Next Show Without The Aftermath
  134. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. and Indie Music
  135. MusicThinkTak Weekly Recap - Songwriting • Social Media • Music Licensing • More
  136. REWIND: New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  137. TOP POSTS: This Week's Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  138. This Week In Music Commentary: Post Election • Best Quotes • Playlists • More
  139. Samung’s brand undamaged by Note 7 fiasco
  140. Zuckerburg promises to fight fake news
  141. How Streaming Is Changing The Sound Of Pop Music
  142. Busting The Myth That Artists Don't Need Record Labels And Producers
  143. Music Publisher's Send President-ElectTrump Their Wish List
  144. Ed Sheeran Performs A Mini Concert For Hospitalized Fan [VIDEO]
  145. Music Industry Seeks To Ban Concert Ticket Buying Bots
  146. Lots of Americans would give up to avoid being hacked
  147. US looking for vendors for two exascale supercomputers
  148. Social Media Use Varies Widely By Age Group [INFOGRAPHIC]
  149. 5 Musicians Killing It On YouTube
  150. Facebook Music Test: Proof Fans Are Missing Updates From Their Favorite Artists
  151. How One Top Music, Entertainment Analyst Did Predicting 2016 Industry Trends
  152. How To Get A Knowledge Panel For Your Band
  153. CIA-backed monitoring group fires half its staff
  154. Aussies giving up piracy for legal streaming
  155. Facebook Discovers More Broken Metrics
  156. 7 Instagram/Snapchat Story Rules For Musicians
  157. CD Baby Acquires Show.co, Soundrop To Expand Artist Services, Pledges New Distributio
  158. How Artists Can Get Their Music Played on Sirius XM, Local Radio
  159. How To Get 100K Plays On Soundcloud
  160. Microsoft gives its most successful program to Android and iOS
  161. VPN outfits expect to make a fortune out of Theresa May
  162. LingLong creates DingDong in smart home industry
  163. Intel puts in new planning application for Irish plant
  164. CD Baby Offers 50% Off Album Distribution This Week Only
  165. How Become A Verified Artist On Spotify
  166. Spotify, Amazon Prime Music Lure New, Returning Customers with Deep Discounts
  167. How To Build The Perfect Home Studio On Any Budget
  168. FRI. BRIEF: Glyde Nears Deadpool • AI As Music's Next Napster • Tidal Sued Again • Mo
  169. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. and Indie Music
  170. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  171. TOP POSTS: This Week's Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  172. Indian outsourcers try to beat Trump
  173. Xiaomi claims smartphone sales drops will not harm it
  174. SoundExchange Payments Rise 29% In Q3, Artists And Labels Paid Jump 45%
  175. Act Fast For Deep Discounts On Soundcloud, YouTube Red, Google Play Music, Spotify, A
  176. 4 Tips For Jumpstarting Your Songwriting Routine
  177. Various Artists Management Launches In The U.S.
  178. AM BRIEF: RIAA, Megaupload Suit Frozen • Google Music + Tech Fest • SoundExchange Pay
  179. Instagram: The Best Way To Reach Music Fans
  180. Comparing Artists To Start-Ups Lazy, Unhealthy, Beside The Point.
  181. Record Labels Shift From Promoters To Storytellers As Power Fades
  182. Music Success: Defining Your Personal Strategy In 4 Steps [Bas Grasmayer]
  183. Microsoft’s Chinese AI is clever enough to censor itself
  184. Euro coppers crack down on counterfeit sites
  185. Malcolm McClaren's Son Burns $6.2 Million Of Rare Punk Memorabilia [VIDEO]
  186. The Weekend Breaks Spotify Single Day Streaming Record
  187. SiriusXM Must Pay Up To $99M In Flo & Eddie Class Action Settlement [READ FULL FILING
  188. The Orchard Remembers Sharon Jones
  189. CD Baby Extends 50% Off Album Distribution Sale Through Friday, Offers 1¢ Shipping
  190. Sony's Obermann Moves To WMG As Chief Digital Officer, EVP Biz Dev
  191. Analytics In An Artist’s World [Bruno Guez]
  192. New Trade Mission Visits South American Music Conferences, Fests in 6 Cities: Doing B
  193. Checkmate: Frank Ocean Goes Independent
  194. Internet Archive fears Trump library burnings
  195. Putin likes Sailfish
  196. Music's Role In A Transhumanist Future [Bas Grasmayer]
  197. Spotify Adds Specially Recorded 2 Song "Singles" From John Legend, Tove Lo, Local Nat
  198. 4 Best Practices For Strengthening Your Spotify Profile
  199. Dubsmash Adds $9.6 Million For Viral Music Video Lip-Sync App
  200. Pandora Shares Top 100 Songs, Artists To Watch 2016
  201. How to Promote Your Band Online To Music Venues and Festivals
  202. Ray Wadell Exits Billboard After 30 Years, But He's Not Retiring
  203. Whitman claims IoT will be a new world order
  204. Reddit finally to crack down on Trump trolls
  205. Drive Traffic With These 5 Killer Social Media Hacks
  206. Spotify Could Be Profitable As Early As Next Year, Says Prominent Board Member, Inves
  207. Your Earbuds Can Become Microphones With Just A Little Malware
  208. Baile Funk? Speed Garage? 10 Genres You've Never Heard Of Top Spotify's Emerging Genr
  209. iHeart Puts New Spin On Pandora, Spotify w/Today's Launch Of IHeartRadio Plus and All
  210. South Korea wants to abandon coins
  211. Apple drones on
  212. TOP POSTS: This Week's Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  213. As Paid Music Streaming Escalates Paying Downloaders Can't Be Left Behind
  214. Is Pandora For Sale? CNBC Says Yes, Reuters Says No
  215. Universal Music CEO Lucian Grainge Knighted by Prince Williams [PHOTO]
  216. Tiny Caribbean Nation Threatens To Allow The Biggest Wave Of Piracy Since Napster and
  217. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. and Indie Music
  218. MusicThinkTank Weekly Recap: Great Timing • Jumpstart Songwriting • Get A Band Knowle
  219. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  220. Last Week In Music Commentary
  221. Canonical yells at European cloud provider
  222. Airport security is dumping ground for orphan laptops
  223. Feeling Overwhelmed? Here Is The Least You Can Do For Your Band's Social Media
  224. Amazon Doubles Down On Vinyl With Launch Of Vinyl Lounge Community, 12 Days Of Giveaw
  225. Context Awareness: The Music Industry's Next Frontier
  226. Vevo Names New Artists To Watch 2017
  227. The Streaming Music Price Wars Have Started
  228. CEOs will replace you with a robot like a shot
  229. Microsoft creates Home Hub
  230. Eventbrite, Bandsintown Partner To Connect Concert Promoters With Music Fans
  231. Spotify Control Of Sonos Is Now Live For All
  232. End Of The Year Is The Perfect Time To Get All Of Your Contract Riders In Order
  233. Bob Dylan Pens Nobel Prize Speech, Patti Smith To Perform
  234. Spotify Is Favoring Its Own Playlists At The Expense Of Indie Curators and Artists
  235. Google uses entirely re-usable energy
  236. Supremes back Samsung against Apple
  237. Global Music Publishing Royalties By The Numbers [Glenn Peoples]
  238. Marketing Your Music with Seasonal Spotify Playlists
  239. Music Industry Leaders Travel To Palestine To Launch Revolutionary Music Expo
  240. Music Exploded On Instagram In 2016 - Here Are The Stats
  241. SoundCloud Go Launches In Germany
  242. Master Social Media For Events In 9 Simple Steps
  243. How Musicians Can Benefit From SEO
  244. Pandora Unveils Premium And It's All About You
  245. UPDATED: YouTube Pays Just Over $1 Per Music User Yearly vs $18 For Spotify, Says IFP
  246. Why DJs Are Doing Documentaries Now
  247. AM BRIEF: Spotify Ends SoundCloud Talks • Nielsen Nears Gracenote Acquisition • YouTu
  248. How To Use Video E-Cards For Holiday Music Marketing
  249. Remember Myspace? It Taught Indie Artists The Power Of Engagement
  250. YouTube By The Numbers: 1 Day, 300,000 New Videos + More Surprising Stats