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  1. Time Management: A Musician's Guide
  2. iHeartMedia Set To Launch 2 Paid Streaming Music Services
  3. Instagram Finally Adds 'Save Draft' Feature
  4. Gametime Raises $20M For Last Minute Concert, Event Ticketing
  5. Petition calls for Brexit to protect EU collaboration on R&D
  6. Free Music Services Account For More Than 80% Of All U.S. Streaming
  7. Ray LaMontagne Cancels Austin Show Over Concealed Carry Firearm Law
  8. Twitter Video Offering Creators Revenue Share
  9. Norwegians sue Tesla for not being Viking enough
  10. Samsung can’t get people to part with Note 7
  11. Instagram's Latest Updates: Stories, Zoom, Comments
  12. Where The Music Business Stands Midway Through 2016 [RIAA Report]
  13. Beats For Sale, What Comes Next?
  14. 2016: The #Yearofwireless - Apple's AirPods, Sonos And More
  15. Jason Isbell, Chris Stapleton Top Americana Music Awards 2016 - The Full List Of Winn
  16. Playlists Have Passed Album Listenership, Says New Study
  17. Watchdog tells Microsoft to refund Windows 10 update victims
  18. Samsung will replace Note 7s by the end of the year
  19. 3 Stages Of A Successful Music Launch
  20. TOP POSTS: This Week's Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  21. Losses At TIDAL Only Tell Part Of The Story
  22. Data From Music Streamers Saved Label $1 Million This Year, Says Big Machine's Scott
  23. 5 Simple Ways To Look More Professional As A Musician
  24. Bandcamp (Finally) Adds Credit Card Payments
  25. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. And Indie Music
  26. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Guitarist's Guide • Concert Attendee Tips • Musicology
  27. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week in Review
  28. SAT. BRIEF: Apple Makes Label-Like Moves • Facebook Overstates Video • Musical.ly As
  29. Last Week In Music Commentary
  30. Drake's Short Film "Please Forgive Me" Debuts As Latest Apple Music Exclusive
  31. Former LinkedIn, Apple Marketing Exec Nick Bartle Joins Pandora
  32. "Their technologies don't and won't last. Our art - if we do it right - will." - T B
  33. All 3 Major Labels Sue To Stop YouTube Ripping
  34. Why Would Music Tech Startup BandLab Want To Buy A Stake In Rolling Stone? [Mark Mull
  35. Stronger than expected iPhone 7 sales not enough
  36. Oculus in panic over founder’s pro-Trump trolling
  37. Rolling Stone sells out to Singapore cloud company
  38. Outrageous apple tax case unique claims the OECD
  39. New Drone Service Delivers On Demand Vinyl. Just Kidding! Sort Of
  40. Spotify Adds Daily Mix: Your Favorite Tracks Mixed With New Songs - Deezer Weighs In
  41. From 'Female Producer' To 'Producer'
  42. A Streaming Service's Metamorphosis: Radical.FM Founder Shares His Startup Journey
  43. Apple Music Best Practices For Musicians: They Updated, So You Should Too
  44. Hackers outsourcing their services to terrorists
  45. Fappening Apple hacker pleads guilty
  46. PicsArt spells out its plans
  47. Spotify In 'Advance Talks' To Buy SoundCloud
  48. New Global Head Of Music Lyor Cohen's Letter To His YouTube Team [FULL TEXT]
  49. Google Hires Ex-Warner Music Group CEO Lyor Cohen As YouTube Global Head Of Music
  50. Fans Favor Experiences Over Downloads
  51. Capitalizing On Remix Culture: Beatport’s Former CEO Has A New Mission
  52. Apple forms yet another business partnership
  53. IBM says banks rushing to adopt block chain
  54. SF MusicTech Names Winners Of 2016 Startup Competition
  55. The Music Supervisor: Are They Killing Songwriting?
  56. Music's Streaming Pile Of Garbage [Cortney Harding]
  57. Doc McGhee, Leon Russell, Rod Essig Among 2016 Nashville Association of Talent Direct
  58. 5 Methods For Avoiding Costly Band Merch Mistakes
  59. iPhone 7 catches yellow fever
  60. Hacker group offers bounty on Trump tax returns
  61. Rumor has it…, I ? Streaming, and Snapchat makes a Spectacle: Liv Buli's Week in Musi
  62. Spotify Adds "6 Animated Layers" Of Lyrics In Japan, Global Roll Out Still Pending
  63. Rock And Roll Magic In The Cloud [Jack Isquith, SVP Of Slacker Radio]
  64. What Whore Houses, Meth Labs And YouTube Have In Common [Op-ed by Maria Schneider]
  65. AP Rocky Named Creative Director Of MTV Labs
  66. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  67. TOP POSTS: This Week's Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  68. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y And Indie Music
  69. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Sell Merch • Musicians And Drugs • Get More Facebook F
  70. Assange cancels anti-Clinton announcement
  71. iPhone 7 has the worst battery
  72. White House Shares Details of SXSL Festival of Ideas, Art and Action [Full Press Rele
  73. Music Industry Uncharacteristically Silent On Lyor Cohen's YouTube Hire
  74. Spotify Potentially Buying Soundcloud, But Who Benefits?
  75. Download Revenue To Shrink 50% As Streaming Music Grows To 950 Million Users, Says Ne
  76. Pandora Predictions Chart: Finding The Next One Direction
  77. Armenia ups the IT ante
  78. Apple's Billion Stream Posturing With Biggest Pawn In Streaming War
  79. Samsung drags its feet on VR
  80. Cook loves his encryption
  81. YouTube Misses Point With Lyor Cohen Hire [Bobby Owsinski]
  82. Watch Today's Google Event LIVE HERE @ Noon ET + We're Live Tweeting Music Related Ne
  83. Musicians And Social Media: Is Communication More Important Than Talent?
  84. BMG's Zach Katz Joins ASCAP Board
  85. Promote Your Music To Bloggers: A How To Guide
  86. Getting Grant Funding For Your Music Project: A Step-By-Step Guide
  87. Apple Music: Inside The Music Industry’s First Artist-Backed Startup
  88. Guitar over Just the way you are
  89. Intel’s new HQ is a paradise for control freaks
  90. Big Tech reacts in horror to Yahoo’s spying story
  91. Two Words That Will Boost Your Digital Strategy
  92. Big Tech Files Mass NOIs To Avoid Paying Statutory Royalties In Latest Artist Relatio
  93. Why Engaging Fans Via Facebook Messenger Now Is Like Being The First Musician On YouT
  94. UPDATE: Spotify Responds To Malware Infested Ad Complaints
  95. Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Live Nation Over Ticket Fees
  96. AI beats humans at Doom
  97. Bugs got into new Linux
  98. YouTube Is Likely To Drive Lyor Cohen Crazy [Chris Castle]
  99. BEWARE: Streaming Music Consolidation Ahead
  100. Skyline Music Rebrands As Skyline Artists Agency
  101. Techstars Adds Music Accelerator Led By Ex-Topspin, Twitter Music Exec Bob Moczydlows
  102. 5 Tool For Transforming Productivity, Staying Organized
  103. Artists, Managers: Please Take This Quick Survey
  104. Melting Note 7 did not stop Samsung making a killing
  105. BitTorrent in trouble
  106. TOP POSTS: This Week's Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  107. Smokin'! Amoeba Gets License To Sell Weed Alongside Music
  108. Cooking Vinyl's Martin Goldschmidt On 30 Years of Indie Music [INTERVIEW]
  109. Lyor Cohen Takes the Cake by Joining the Google Empire [Op Ed]
  110. Irving Azoff Claims YouTube "Pirates" Are "Really Evil"
  111. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y And Indie Music
  112. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Mosh Pit Mash-Up • Writing A Hook • Promote Your Music
  113. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  114. This Week In Music Commentary
  115. Germany busts the internal combustion engine
  116. Google in ageist hot water
  117. How To Get Music Writers To Actually Open Your Emails
  118. 10 Things Musicians Should Do At Any Festival Or Music Conference [Kosha Dillz]
  119. Bandflyr: Free App For Electronic, Printed Gig Flyers
  120. Last Fortnight In Music Supervision and Sync 10.10.16
  121. Music Publishing News Roundup 10.19.16
  122. Samsung Note 7 recall could cost billions
  123. UK troll hunter prepares her cells
  124. Cstream Offers More Than Music Streaming, Adds Books And Video
  125. AM BRIEF: Facebook Launches Event App • New Music Data Standards • Merlin To Japan •
  126. Will Someone Explain To The RIAA That SOPA Didn't Pass?
  127. MUST READ: Spotify Helped Me As An Artist - Here Is How
  128. U.S. Music Festivals And The 23%: What It Means For Livestreaming
  129. Stay Safe In The Pit: Tips For Avoiding Concert Injuries
  130. Amazon gets into music streaming
  131. US military investigates blockchain for nukes
  132. 3 Scientific Tips For Making More Money From Your Fans
  133. Pandora Rebrands With New Logo
  134. Music SEO: Know Your Search Engine Result Pages
  135. Spotify Paid Out Over A Billion To Labels This Year
  136. Amazon Music Unlimited Launches At Prices Far Below Spotify, Apple
  137. FreshTunes Launches Offering 100% Free Music Distribution To Spotify, Apple, All Majo
  138. Everything A Musician Must Know About Digital Distribution
  139. Music Streaming Reaches A Tipping Point
  140. Humans make better quacks than computers
  141. Isis weaponised consumer drones
  142. Amazon Music Unlimited: Reverse Pricing And The Rise Of Zero User Interface [Mark Mul
  143. Shazam Adds Music Videos Via Vadio Parntership
  144. Top 4 Online Profiles Every Musician Needs To Have
  145. TuneCore Launches In France, Adds Local Artist Services Partnerships
  146. How To Tap Into The College Music Market
  147. Posting On Social Media: The Best Times
  148. A Brief History Of The All But Forgotten 1/8 Inch Headphone Jack
  149. IBM, Google and seven others gang up on Intel’s datacentres
  150. Burns to Samsung from Note 7 less than expected
  151. 5 Ways To Snapchat (In A Snap)
  152. Dylan Spotify Streams Jump 512% After Nobel Announcement
  153. Can Old School Label Talent Transition To Digital? [Jon Maples]
  154. Learning To Embrace Mistakes As A Musician
  155. RIAA Names Top Music Pirates, Notorious Markets 2016
  156. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. And Indie Music
  157. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Return Of The Song Plugger • Judicial Approval • Music
  158. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  159. TOP POSTS: The Week's Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  160. This Week In Music Commentary
  161. Germany bans Tesla from advertising Autopilot
  162. Boffins build quantum bridge out of diamonds
  163. Apple Debuts Musician, Celebrity Filled Beats Wireless Headphone Ad [VIDEO]
  164. 3 Must-Know Facts About Nielsen's Billboard Charts
  165. Don’t Be Fooled: The Truth Behind Amazon Music Unlimited’s Price
  166. Alt-Rockers Placebo Fight, Walk Off Stage After 2 Songs At Sold Out Concert
  167. Up-And-Coming Rapper A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie Kicks Some Chart
  168. Peter Thiel’s trumping is bad for business
  169. Assange falling out with Ecuadorian government
  170. CHANGES @ ADA • Sony/ATV • ie:music • UPMG
  171. Device Restricted Music Subscriptions Are Coming...
  172. Have Donations Become A Viable Part Of Musicians' Business Model?
  173. Can You Name All The Musicians And Celebrities In This New Apple Beats Headphones Ad?
  174. Google, Amazon Leverage Copyright Loophole To Use Songs, Not Pay Songwriters [Chris C
  175. Apple supplier issues profit warning
  176. Clinton wanted Gates or Tim Cook for Vice president
  177. "Hot Boy" Bobby Shmurda Sentenced To 7 Years Despite Last-Second Attempt To Change Pl
  178. Women In The Music Industry: A Networking Guide
  179. Touring Tips From Indie Rockers Air Traffic Controller
  180. Rock Music Fails To Chart In Hot 100, But Americana Has A Breakthrough Week
  181. SoundCloud Go Launches In Canada
  182. Trump is just as insecure as Hillary
  183. UK’s Micro heads overseas
  184. After Trump Calls Clinton A "Nasty Woman," Streams Of Janet Jackson's "Nasty" Spike O
  185. Kanye West Blames Apple Music, Tidal Feud For Missing Jay Z, Drake Collaboration
  186. Are Accelerators, Incubators Really Helping Founders And Creatives Build A New Music
  187. Amazon Loses $2 A Month On Every Subscriber To Its New Music Service
  188. John Oates, Berklee Students Write and Record "Smoke And Mirrors," Offer Song And Ste
  189. US Army to have more killer robots than people by 2025
  190. NSA contractor nicked data over 20 years
  191. AM NEWS: New Prince Music • Deezer Does Grime • The Sample Show • Musical.ly • More
  192. UPDATE: DDoS Attacks Continue As Spotify, SoundCloud, Others Experience Outages - Hom
  193. 5 Things To Know When Prepping Your Album For Vinyl Pressing
  194. New Gatekeepers: How Streaming Platforms Are Taking Over The Music Industry
  195. Writing A Band Bio: Important Do's and Dont's
  196. 12 Concert Poster Tips
  197. TOP POSTS: Last Week's Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  198. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. And Indie Music
  199. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Mistakes The Beatles Made • Increase Your Chances Of G
  200. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  201. This Week In Music Commentary
  202. US vigilante hacks off the Russians
  203. Linux has had a huge bug for nine years
  204. 10 Ways To Maximize Sales, Streams Of Your Latest Release
  205. Spotify Updates Terms And Conditions - 3 Key Issues
  206. MTV President Sean Atkins To Exit After One Year [Full Text Of His Email To Viacom St
  207. A Friend To Musicians And Creators, U.S. Register of Copyrights Maria Pallante, Pushe
  208. How Fan Videos Helped Sell Adele’s “Hello”
  209. 7 Essential Tips For DIY Artists From Indie Musicians Trent Severn
  210. The iPod Turns 15: Watch Steve Job's 2001 Announcement + The First iPod Commercial
  211. Ariel Hyatt On Crowdfunding, New Book [INTERVIEW]
  212. Instagram Is Testing Live Video
  213. This Is How Spotify Could Become A Next Generation Record Label [Mark Mulligan]
  214. iOS writes nonsensical science paper but gets accepted
  215. Commission gives Google more time in Ad-sense case
  216. Predicting Music's Next Big Stars Using Audience Affinity Data
  217. This Fortnight In Music Supervision And Sync: Johnny Cash • Danny Elfman • Oasis • Mo
  218. Grooveshark's Sam Tarantino: How One Music-Tech Shark Got His "Groove" Back
  219. Music's Impact On Productivity
  220. SoundExchange Asks Copyright Royalty Board For Major Rate Increases
  221. SoundExchange's Michael Huppe On Standing Up For The Value Of Music [INTERVIEW]
  222. Spotify Lets Video Partnerships Lapse, Pledges More Original Content
  223. Are The Record Labels Of The Future Already Here?
  224. Shine goes off Apple
  225. Skype and Snapchat put human rights at risk
  226. How Losing My House In A Fire And Being On Oprah Taught Me Everything I Needed to Kno
  227. 11 Popular Artists Still Refusing To Stream Their Music
  228. Copyright Office Shakeup Possible Preview To Fight Over Copyright Reform
  229. "P Is For Pathetic" - Pandora Stock Falls Along With Monthly Listeners As Losses Cont
  230. Mastering Your Income: 4 Key Cash Streams For Musicians
  231. Election Anxiety? Spotify Has A Playlist For You!
  232. Privacy group launches legal challenge against US data deal
  233. Nokia cleans Ericsson’s clock
  234. Music + Money: What To Invest In And What To Avoid
  235. Music Chatbots: What They Are And How Anyone Can Create One
  236. Shawn Mendes, Ariana Grande, Chance The Rapper Top Spotify 25 Under 25 List
  237. Universal Music, Avenged Sevenfold To Launch VRLIVE Virtual Reality Concert Platform
  238. Pandora To 'Unveil' On Demand Streaming Music Service On Dec. 6th
  239. Kanye West Threatens To Boycott Grammys If Frank Ocean Isn't Nominated [VIDEO]
  240. Oracle official appeals the Java case
  241. Google’s deep learning computer can keep things secret
  242. 6 Simple Tips For Promoting Your Event Offline
  243. Are Higher Royalty Payments Really Coming Soon From Sirius XM?
  244. Music As Career: Staying Focused As An Artist
  245. ABBA To Reunite For Virtual Reality Project
  246. Have An Opinion? A Great Idea? MusicThinktank Wants You!
  247. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. And Indie Music
  248. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Start A Band In NYC • Old Fashioned Values In Today's
  249. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  250. TOP POSTS: This Week's Most Read Posts On Hypebot