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  1. Why You Must License Your Samples
  2. Old Music Is Outselling New Music For The First Time Ever
  3. Pandora Adds Charts Powered By Next Big Sound
  4. Dot Blockchain Music Project To Launch Within Next Week - “Growing up in public with
  5. Dropbox For Music Biz Webinar Tuesday: FREE For Hypebot Readers
  6. Hackers offer to sell NSA virus tools
  7. Queensland coppers hack US sites
  8. Live365 Rises From The Deadpool, Small Webcasters Rejoice!
  9. How To Long Game The Charts: Billboard, RIAA Rules Reward Drake, Kayne, DJ Khaled, Ot
  10. Why Apple's Removal Of The Audio Jack From The iPhone Would Be A Terrible Idea
  11. DOJ vs. ASCAP
  12. 5 Signs You Have The Mental Toughness For A Successful Career In Music
  13. Apple moving from making stuff to investing
  14. Google fails to make a settlement with Tsar Putin
  15. AM BRIEF: Apple, Cash Money "Power Move" • Kesha Drops Abuse Claims • Blockchain Inve
  16. New Hashtags Dos And Don’ts
  17. DOJ, Google Want 100% Licensing? Let Them Have It [DAVID LOWERY]
  18. Building A Fanbase With Facebook Music Video Ads
  19. How To Sneakily Promote Your Music Without Actually Talking About It
  20. Spotify's Most Viral Tracks US, UK And Globally
  21. People ignore security warnings nine out of ten times
  22. Bankrupt Gawker sold after being taken down by the incredible cheating Hulk
  23. Make Better Music Using Fan Feedback
  24. Instagram Stories For Songwriters
  25. David Gray Releases Unique Dynamic 'The Best Of' Album On Spotify
  26. AM BRIEF: Rightscorp Losses Mount • Microsoft Upgrades Groove • Instagram Adds Events
  27. Tunecore Quarterly Payments To Artists Up 24% To $44 Million Driven By Dramatic Strea
  28. Infringement Or Fair Use: Knowing The Difference
  29. Streaming Music Business Bigger Than Previously Thought
  30. BET Hip Hop Awards 2016 Nominees - The Full List
  31. Why You Don't Actually Need A Publicist
  32. Australian watchdog snubs Apple Pay
  33. Trump claims he was hacked too
  34. Music Publishing News Roundup 8.19.16: New Songwriter Rate Proposal • $1B Blockchain
  35. UK Vinyl Buyers Different From Those In The US
  36. Apple Music Releases Exclusive New Frank Ocean "Visual" Album
  37. FRI. BRIEF: Apple Nabs Frank Ocean Visual Album • Kayne Opens 21 Pop-ups • iHeartRadi
  38. Vevo Hires Goldman Sachs To Raise Up To $500 Million
  39. Pandora Nears Launch Of On Demand Streaming Service, Overseas Expansion
  40. 6 Questions Every Artist Ought To Ask Before Releasing New Music
  41. Music Streamer CÜR On Brink Of Bankruptcy After Raising More Than $15 Million, Stock
  42. ASCAP , BMI And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad DOJ Decision That’s Creatin
  43. This Week In Music Commentary
  44. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Talent And Success • Staying Inspired • Musical Invent
  45. REWIND: The New Music Industry's Week In Review
  46. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y And Indie Music
  47. Frank Ocean Releases "Blonde" As Apple Music, iTunes Exclusive And Free At Pop-Up Sho
  48. TOP POSTS: This Week's Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  49. India to jail people for “looking” at a torrent
  50. NSA hacking tools are pants claims researcher
  51. Kanye West, Leonard Cohen And Death Of The Creative Full Stop
  52. How Economics Of Curation Benefit Emerging Artists And Fans [Scott Keeney aka DJ Skee
  53. Clicks Matter In Music: Here's Why
  54. Deezer North American CEO Tyler Goldman Exits
  55. Universal, Sony, Warner Music To Sign 9 Acts From "The Stream" Spotify Competition
  56. WATCH: Apple Music's Cash Money Documentary Official Trailer
  57. Playlists Dominate Listening For Most Music Streamers [INFOGRAPHIC]
  58. Only Apple and Samsung make money out of smartphones
  59. Sharp rethinks foreign brand licensing deals
  60. Recording Industry Claims Keeping Copyright Terms At Life Plus 50, Instead Of Life Pl
  61. Spotify's Major Label Contracts Have Lapsed, Talks Stalled Over Rates, But Both Sides
  62. YouTube Stats: Is The Service Not As Big For Music As Previously Thought?
  63. What In The World Happened At CÜR?
  64. Woz says Apple needs to sort out Bluetooth
  65. Arista Networks loses appeal against Cisco’s trade ban
  66. Spin, Vibe, Stereogum For Sale As SpinMedia Goes On Auction Block
  67. Pandora Names Questlove Strategic Advisor, First Artist Ambassador
  68. New Twitter Features Could Make Promotion More Difficult
  69. Frank Ocean Just Proved: Direct To Fan Works, Labels Mean Less Than They Think, Exclu
  70. YouTube Optimization For Musicians
  71. Believe Digital Acquires Indie Label naïve
  72. Data based law investment is with us
  73. HP hit with age discrimination suit
  74. TIDAL Co-Owner Jason Aldean Will Keep New Release Off ALL Streaming Services For 1 Mo
  75. Songkick Adds $15M From Access Industries To Expand Concert Discovery, Artist Ticketi
  76. Spotify Paid Subs Up 9 Million In 6 Months, Working To Offer Artists "A Full-stack So
  77. Why Hip-Hop, Dance Are Leaving Rock Behind In Streaming Era
  78. The Coming Arms Race In Online Music: Artist Services [TIM QUIRK]
  79. Quake rescuers ask people to open their wi-fi
  80. Russian politician’s son convicted for hacking US restaurants
  81. A Concise Guide To Branding For Musicians
  82. How Piracy Altered Music Discovery & Licensed Services Pushed It Forward
  83. Bluestem Amphitheater Builds Idyllic Artist Village Of Tiny Houses
  84. Former Staffer Offers A Rare Look Inside Apple Music
  85. How To Build A Content Marketing Strategy As An Artist, Band, Or DJ
  86. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y And Indie Music
  87. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: A Rich Kid's Game? • How To Be A Confident Musician •
  88. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  89. Questlove Hearts Pandora, Carpool Karaoke is Dope for Artists, and Puppies Are The Sh
  90. This Week In Music Commentary
  91. Frank Ocean's "Endless" Deemed Ineligible For Billboard Charts
  92. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  93. Linus rages at GNU enforcement
  94. Father of the laptop dies
  95. Amazon Will Launch New Music Streaming Service Next Month [Report]
  96. The Time For A Copyright Small Claims Court Is Now
  97. Spotify IPO Watch: Blame ? Profit
  98. Frank Ocean’s Bombastic Blond Moment And What It Can Tell Us About The Future Of Arti
  99. Bruno Mars, Mark Zuckerberg Attended Spotify CEO Daniel Ek's Wedding This Weekend [PH
  100. Putin’s hackers practice gaming the US election
  101. Apple might be responsible for poor China Labour Watch report
  102. AM BRIEFING: Apple Sets Launch Event, Gets $13B EU Tax Bill • VMA Ratings Tank • Guve
  103. Sonos Smartly Extends Speaker Control To Spotify App, Amazon Echo, Pandora [UPDATED]
  104. 15 Years Later: Aaliyah’s Legacy By TheNumbers
  105. 7 Lessons Musicians Can Learn From Marketing Guru Seth Godin
  106. Sturgill Simpson Declares War On Nashville: "Conversations are taking place on Music
  107. Ariana Grande, Kanye West Get Biggest VMA Bump On Spotify
  108. Bing angers Saudi Arabia with terrorist slur
  109. Amazon launches Dash in the UK
  110. 5 Reasons Musicians Need To Be On Snapchat
  111. 3 Things You Can Demand From Your Publicist
  112. WED. BRIEFING: Apple's Beats Beats Monster Suit • BMG Earnings Rise • CMJ Resurfaces
  113. Apple's Beats Beats Monster Monster Lawsuit
  114. Texas Governor Greg Abbott Urges U.S. DOJ To Reconsider Changes To PRO Licensing Mode
  115. How Music Industry Project Management SHOULD Work
  116. Proven Content Ideas For An Artist's Social Media Calendar
  117. 200+ Musicians File Joint Brief In Support Of "Blurred Lines" Appeal [Read The Full D
  118. A Look At How Well Streaming Music Is Really Doing And The Major Label's "Streaming R
  119. Cook turns into broken record over EU fine
  120. Google using AI to spot cancer
  121. Soundcloud Names Former Google Exec As CFO
  122. Vinyl Sales Projected To Grow Exponentially Through 2020
  123. Is Spotify Punishing Apple Artists?
  124. You Can Finally Zoom In On Instagram Photos And Videos
  125. Musicians Introduce Us To Their Cities: Nashville, TN
  126. The Lost Art Of Music Manifestos
  127. Sony thinks you can build smartphones to last
  128. Samsung expected to recall the flaming Galaxy Note 7
  129. How to Grow Your Band's Instagram
  130. IEBA Industry Award 2016 Nominees Announced
  131. 5 Best Day Jobs For When You're Starting Your Music Career
  132. Music Publishing News Roundup 9.2.16: Musicians Support "Blurred Lines" Appeal • Spot
  133. FRI. BRIEFING: 20 Ways To Release An Album • New Beats Headphones • Google Play Beta
  134. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y And Indie Music
  135. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Music Mailing Lists • Success In The Music Business •
  136. Liv Buli's Weekend Reading List: Obama’s SXSW, Pandora ? Hip Hop and Nickelback is Co
  137. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  138. This Week In Music Commentary
  139. TOP POSTS: This Week's Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  140. Chipzilla says McAfee can’t have his name back
  141. EU says Apple ruling not “anti-American”
  142. MONDAY BRIEFING: Apple Music Tests "Discover Clones • Kickstarter To Relaunch Drip.fm
  143. Apple increases iPhone 7 orders
  144. Warner Bros names itself as a pirate
  145. Pandora Hopes To Announce New $5, $10 Per Month Music Services Tomorrow [UPDATED]
  146. 43M Last.fm Passwords, Emails Leaked + Top 10 Idiotic Passwords Users Thought Would K
  147. Social Media For Musicians Who Hate Social Media
  148. The High Wire Of Releasing Music [David Emery]
  149. Guess Clothing Launches Music Div. With Universal Republic Records
  150. Apple press worries about Chinese iPhone 7 response
  151. New Snowden leak shows British and US cooperation
  152. Apple Deletes iPhone 7 Headphone Jack, 'Reinvents' Wireless Audio With AirPods, New B
  153. Questlove's Supreme Weekly Show Debuts On Pandora
  154. Apple Music Has 17 Million Paid Subscribers, Loves Exclusives, Says CEO Tim Cook
  155. A Pandora Listener, Facebook Like And Twitter Follower All Walk Into A Bar - The Impa
  156. Rads: Simple, Affordable Geo-targeted Concert Tour Advertising
  157. Intel spins off McAfee
  158. Irish government votes to tell the EU to feck off
  159. Local SEO: How to Get Your Event Ranking
  160. The Company That Owns Warner Music Group Just Took Control Of Music Streamer Deezer
  161. AM BRIEFING: Access Industries Now Controls Deezer • Apple Advances Audio • Sonos Upg
  162. Apple Music, ITunes Head Of Digital Marketing Moves To AEG Live
  163. Like Access Industries, Liberty Media Is Building A Full Stack Music Company
  164. Facebook Ads On An Indie Budget
  165. Streaming Exclusives Are Done: What Comes Next? [Cortney Harding]
  166. 5 Habits Musicians Need To Break
  167. EU comes up with ruling on picture linking
  168. Security expert jailed for 20 days for “political stunt”
  169. Indie Musicians Should Focus On Podcasts And Playlists Not Pitchfork And Paste [Kosha
  170. Linkin Park's Jim Digby Talks Concert Tour Safety In Dangerous Times [Larry LeBlanc]
  171. Music Publishing News Roundup 9.9.16: EMI Layoff Report • BMI Breaks $1B Record • Mus
  172. 3 Unique Resources For Online Music Production
  173. FRI. BRIEFING: 69¢ Song iTunes Chart Games • Pandora + Uber • BandLab Buys MONO • Mor
  174. How Facebook Determines What Appears In Your Feed
  175. Liv Buli's Weekend Reading List: Apple’s Subscriber Count, Pandora + Ticketfly = Win-
  176. Streaming Music Exclusives: Is This Just The Beginning?
  177. ITunes 69¢ Songs Section Offers Latest Opportunity For Labels To Game The Charts
  178. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. And Indie Music
  179. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Ukulele Basics • Online Music Production • General Lic
  180. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  181. Frank Ocean's Blonde Is Now Streaming On Spotify
  182. This Week In Music Commentary
  183. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  184. Dutch tell Apple to stop mucking about
  185. Woz abandons Tesla for Chevy
  186. Streaming Playlist Data: 10 Things You Need To Know
  187. Beats Music Co-creator Exits Spotify For Apple Music
  188. The Album Release Re-Imagined In A Time Of Atomic Consumption
  189. Frank Ocean's 'Blonde' Is Now Streaming On Spotify, But They're Doing Their Best To B
  190. How Record And Upload 360 Videos To YouTube, Facebook
  191. Microsoft set to drop Lumia brand by Christmas
  192. Apple thinks that if it uses Canadians it is being racially diverse
  193. Why People Pay For Subscription Entertainment Services
  194. Royalties, Regulation, And Risk: Why Artists Need To Diversify
  195. How To Promote Your Music On Reddit
  196. 4 Steps For Boosting Your YouTube Channel's Performance
  197. Why Indie Artists Should Invest In Vinyl
  198. EU says phone ringing is too boring for trademark
  199. Samsung issues software upgrade for “not so magnificent” Note 7
  200. A Guide To The DoJ's Ruling On 100% Licensing
  201. Facebook Organic Reach Is DEAD (Here's What You Can Do About It)
  202. YouTube Launches "Community" Direct To Fan Tools
  203. Warner Brothers Reports Own Site As Illegal
  204. 4 Giveaways You're A Music Industry Newb
  205. New York’s smut addiction clogs net service
  206. Samsung might retreat from the Galaxy Note 7
  207. Warner Music Group Signs Pandora Direct Deal Paving Way For New Spotify, Apple Music
  208. Universal, Sony Team To Launch Low Cost Streaming Music Service
  209. Rapper's Fans Launch Streaming Campaign To #SaveNelly
  210. Apple Kills Tidal Bailout Rumors
  211. Hidden In Plain Sight: An Underground Dance Music Scene With Millions Of Fans
  212. US intelligence has not forgiven Snowden
  213. Teen sues parents over “Facebook expose”
  214. Skip, Replay, Repeat, Hip Hop + Donald Trump, and #SaveNelly: Liv Buli's Week in Musi
  215. Streaming Music Service Paid Subscriber Counts Compared [CHART]
  216. How To Boost Your Organic Reach On Facebook
  217. Pledge Music CEO Dominic Pandiscia On Creating Fan Experiences [INTERVIEW]
  218. 5 Tips For Email List Building
  219. Federal Judge Rejects DoJ 100% Licensing Decision
  220. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. And Indie Music
  221. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Is Your Single A Flop? • Truth Bomb • Original Music v
  222. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  223. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  224. This Week In Music Commentary
  225. Russians arrest a robot
  226. Skype falls in London
  227. Spotify Investor Hints At Possible Facebook Sale, Projects 100 Million Paid Users By
  228. James Corden Pitches Jimmy Iovine, Eddie Cue, Bozoma Saint John In New Apple Music Ad
  229. Writing Music: Original Vs. Marketable
  230. MON. BRIEF: Sillerman Likely Lied, No One Is Surprised • L'il Wayne: 'Birdman Spent M
  231. Sonicbids To Shut Down ArtistData To Shut Down Next Month
  232. RIAA Gold and Platinum Awards August 2016
  233. CHANGES @ Warner/Chappell Music • Nonesuch • Madison House • UMG • Motown Gospel
  234. Europe Leads With "Safe Harbor" Solution
  235. Did Apple Music, Spotify Just Win The Streaming Wars? [Mark Mulligan]
  236. Ellison declares victory over Amazon in cloud wars
  237. UK watchdog issues laws for Robots
  238. 4 Key Ways To Get People To Click On Your YouTube Videos
  239. Spotify, Tinder Hookup For Music And Dating
  240. Recorded Music Business Grew 8.1% In First Half Of 2016 Driven By Spotify, Apple Musi
  241. Original Sin,Obama’s Missed Opportunity: What’s In Store For The ASCAP, BMI Consent D
  242. Social Media Marketing For Artists: How To Get More Followers On #Twitter
  243. Obama's Hit Playlist And Using Music To Cope With Politics
  244. New Songwriting Group SONA Explains Their Lawsuit Against The DOJ [Op-Ed]
  245. Live Nation Shifts 80% Of Marketing $$ To Online, But Not Sold On Spotify, Pandora Ad
  246. Pandora's New Direct Deals Are Very Bad News For SoundExchange And Potentially For Ar
  247. Twitter Finally Exempts Everything Except Text And Links From 140 Character Limit
  248. Chip industry still suffering from economic crunch
  249. Apple claims to have invented the white paper bag
  250. Former UMG Exec: Major Label Music Should Cost More, Destroy DMCA Safe Harbors