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  1. Is The Great Artist Revolt Imminent?
  2. Apple fanboy takes gun shaped case to airport
  3. Debian founder did kill himself
  4. ReverbNation Partners With Nashville Venue Cotton Mill For Artist Discovery Series
  5. AM BRIEFING: Sony Accused Of Streaming Collusion • 50 Cent Exits Bankruptcy • CBS Rad
  6. 12 Songs Which Inspired Social Progress
  7. Documentary On Happy Birthday Copyfraud Released Day After Song Enters Public Domain
  8. How To Share YouTube Playlists Links And Why [A 77 Second Video Guide]
  9. A Critical Look At DoJ's 100% Music Licensing Scheme
  10. An Introvert's Guide To Dealing With Bandmates
  11. US Taxman investigate’s Facebook’s Irish dodge
  12. Guccifer lied about Clinton hack
  13. Music Publishing News Roundup: 100% Licensing • UK Synch Income Doubles • Music Strea
  14. AM BRIEFING: Megaupload Relaunch • Ticket Fraudster Gets 4 Years • $2M Euros Seized A
  15. Twice As Many People Listen To Music On Amazon Prime Than On Apple Music, Spotify Pre
  16. RIAA Gold And Platinum Awards June 2016
  17. YouTube Past And Present: 10 Things We Learned At VidCon
  18. Best 6 Networks For Social Media Event Marketing
  19. Is This The End Of Freemium Music On Spotify? [Mark Mulligan]
  20. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Home Studio • Email Marketing • Keep Yourself Interest
  21. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  22. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y & Indie Music
  23. This Week In Music Commentary
  24. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  25. Oracle asks a Judge to forget Java ruling
  26. Apple getting into virtual reality
  27. 5 Words Which Will Define The Next 10 Years Of Music
  28. A Look At Nielsen Music’s Mid-Year Report: Streaming Explodes • Rock, Country Struggl
  29. Bon Jovi Jon Bon Jovi Joins Wedding Band For 'Livin' On A Prayer,' Video Removed From
  30. Radio Airplay: Still Worth It? [Brian Hazard]
  31. Merchbar July Hot Merch Includes Jerry Garcia, Drive-By Truckers, Twenty One Pilots a
  32. Vinyl May Be Up, But The Album Is Dying
  33. Millions of Xiaomi phones have bugs
  34. Apple’s PC business bites the fruit of doom
  35. From the Experts: Best Event Planning, Livestreaming Practices [INTERVIEW]
  36. How An Indie Singer-Songwriter Topped 1 Billion Streams At Pandora
  37. Teens Love Premium Music Streaming, But Many Aren't Paying For It, Says New Music Biz
  38. How To Win: Don’t Help DOJ Get Out Of Licensing Hole They Dug [David Lowery]
  39. Slipknot's Corey Taylor Slaps Phone From Fan's Hand At Concert [VIDEO]
  40. SFX Withdraws Beatport Sale
  41. Mozilla allows Firefox to rust
  42. VPNs are rushing away from Putin
  43. Facebook Ads: 6 Ways They Can Work For Performing Artists
  44. How Much Are Pay Per Stream Royalties Really Costing Musicians?
  45. Google To Copy Apple's 2014 Family Plan, Expand Sharing To 6
  46. Facebook vs.Twitter: Promoting Your Music Online
  47. It's Time To Submit Music for 59th GRAMMY Awards Consideration [Full List Of Deadline
  48. Security robot runs over kid
  49. Android man could save the banks with his blockchain
  50. Rhapsody Is Now Officially Napster, User Growth Flat At 3.5M Globally
  51. Indie Shuffle, SubmitHub And The Hassle Of Submitting To Music Blogs
  52. NMPA And Spotify Declare Victory, But David Lowery Says Fight Has Just Begun For Indi
  53. Will Virtual Reality Usher In A Creative Rebirth For Music Videos?
  54. Getting Low Turnout At Your Shows? Here's What To Do
  55. Apple, Amazon and Google face the wrath of May
  56. President Trump would be a technical disaster, tech outfits warn
  57. Polaris Music Prize Names 2016 Shortlist
  58. 6 Real Problems In Music Business The DOJ Should Be Investigating
  59. Time Travel, Teleportation And Music Publishing Metadata
  60. How Do Music Preferences Differ Place To Place? Pandora Shares State By State Data
  61. Create, Publish Your Own Ads With New YouTube Director App
  62. 5 Performance Psyc Skills Every Artist Should Master
  63. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y & Indie Music
  64. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  65. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  66. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: DoJ Deals Devastating Blow • Marketing For Labels • No
  67. Microsoft blocks Linux installations
  68. Curtains for Chinese Night at the Opera
  69. AM BRIEFING: Apple Proposes New Streaming Rates • Swift, Kardashian Do Battle • New K
  70. Drake Scores 10th Week At #1
  71. 10 Music Marketing Lessons Learned From Lisa Lepine
  72. Bankrupt SFX Ended Month $5.5 Million Richer Than It Started It
  73. 6 Successful Music Managers Discuss Launching Their Careers
  74. Pokemon Music Explodes On Pandora
  75. Germany wants robot cars to have a black box
  76. Yahoo continues to tank as sale gets close
  77. Is YouTube Not Music's Boogie Man After All?
  78. Deezer Enters Crowded U.S Streaming Music Market Without Free Tier
  79. Magnifi To Shut Down After Raising $9.35 Million
  80. AM BRIEFING: Deezer Enters Crowded U.S. Market • ITunes Match Revamps • Branson Inves
  81. Twitter Expands Verified Accounts, Simplifies The Application Process GET YOURS NOW!
  82. Fallen Superstars Given A Promise Of Life After Death
  83. YouTube Music Launches Daring Ad Campaign Featuring A Cross Dressing Teen, Rapping Hi
  84. Rhapsody Users Rebel Over Shift To Napster
  85. Self-Imposed Music Scarcity In The Digital Era
  86. Britannia’s cool science image sunk by Brexit
  87. Turkey tries to stuff Wikileaks as it does something useful
  88. Congress Eyes Creation Of A Copyright "Small Claims Court"
  89. 5 (Mostly Free) Things To Give Away at Your Next Gig To Turn Attendees Into Fans
  90. The Music Industry's Complex Relationship With YouTube Explained In Just 50 Words
  91. 10 Ways To Book More House Concerts
  92. Warner Music No Longer Selling To Small Record Stores
  93. A2IM, RIAA & Concord File Amicus Brief To Fight Pre-1972 Recordings Court Decision
  94. Did Kanye West Help Make Taylor Swift Famous? Pandora Dives Into The Data
  95. Internet Radio's “Value Shift” In Waiting [Glenn Peoples]
  96. Think YouTube Is Evil? Facebook Is Paying $50 Million For Live Videos, But Most Music
  97. Indie Beggars Group (4AD, Matador, Rough Trade, XL) Was Hacked - Change Your Password
  98. French Windows privacy slammed
  99. Equinix puts hand up for huge BT outage
  100. 6 Essentials For An Indie Artist's Toolkit
  101. Record Labels Need Change Of Culture In ‘Dashboard Era’ Of The Music Industry
  102. Singer-Songwriter Michelle Shocked Protests Her Own Show
  103. “Escalating Dance” In Music Videos
  104. Getting The Marketing Band Together; Hiring Business Help
  105. Microsoft calls “injuste” on French privacy “accuse”
  106. Surface Hub was a hit after all
  107. Major EMI Publishing Shareholder Named In $3.5 Billion Scandal
  108. Pokemon Go: A Competitive Social Formula For The Music Industry? [George Howard]
  109. How We Got The New Shannon Curtis Record On The Charts
  110. The Huge Mistake Bands Make After Playing A Show
  111. How Department Of Justice Verdict Negatively Impacts Songwriters
  112. Hastings Shuttering All 123 Music Stores, Liquidation Sale Starts Saturday
  113. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y & Indie Music
  114. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Overcoming Career Competition • How Music Laws Affect
  115. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  116. This Week In Music Commentary
  117. TOP POSTS: Last Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  118. Salesforce would have paid more for Linkedin
  119. British banking system ends up with the US
  120. Top Recording Artists, John Oliver Remind Politicians Not To Use Music Without Permis
  121. New Ticketing Tech To Open More Doors To Live Entertainment
  122. An End To 4 Minute Music Videos: How Record Labels And Artists Can Fix Their YouTube
  123. You're Buying The Wrong Size T-Shirts And Your Band Is Losing Money [Size Chart]
  124. An Artist's Guide To Building Lasting Contacts In The Music Industry
  125. MIT boffins create 3D without need for glasses
  126. US government does not have to fess up to snooping
  127. Why I’ll Never Be A Ghost Producer And How They're Killing EDM
  128. SoundCloud Gives Creators An "Album" Option
  129. Streaming Gives Albums Wings: Why Album Sales Aren’t What They Used To Be
  130. Why You Have To Optimize Your Facebook Videos For Silence - Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
  131. Vevo BreakS 7 Year Deadlock: Nears WMG Deal, Subscription Service [REPORT]
  132. Russians behind Democratic party hack
  133. AMD releases Radeon Pro WX 4100
  134. SoundCloud Is For Sale, But They're Having Trouble Finding A Buyer
  135. MTV VMA 2016 Nominees - A Full List
  136. How To Make A Great Low Budget Music Video
  137. Maximize Your Email Music Marketing Success
  138. Pandora Adds Personalized Concert Notifications, But Ticketfly Events Get Top Billing
  139. Facebook still growing like topsy
  140. Twitter results disappoint Wall Street
  141. AM BRIEF: Facebook Growth Continues • Music Pubs Battle Sony • Eventbrite Adds Music
  142. Music Dealers Founder Responds To Site's Demise, Unpaid Artists
  143. A2IM Announces 12th Annual Indie Music Week June 5-9, 2017
  144. Donald Trumps Own Viral 'Freedom Kids' Now Plan Lawsuit Against Trump Campaign
  145. Facebook Branded Content Now Enabled For All Verified Pages
  146. UPDATE: $9 Million Later, Music Dealers Abruptly Shutters Sync Licensing Service, Mus
  147. Alphabet sorts out its advertising soup
  148. Economist calls Apple a tax fraud
  149. How live streaming is transforming the music industry… and why that might scare you
  150. The 5 Things You Pay Too Much For As A Musician
  151. 3 Tips For Expanding Your Career Beyond Music
  152. Live Nation Reports Strong Earnings, Stock Soars
  153. FRI. BRIEF: Live Nation, Amazon Report Record Quarters • SFX Maneuvers • VKontakte •
  154. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. And Indie Music
  155. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Expanding Your Career Beyond Music • Maintain Media Re
  156. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  157. Projecting Trends: Augmented Reality, Advertising, and Music
  158. Do Modern Artists Really Need Record Labels?
  159. This Week In Music Commentary
  160. TOP POSTS: This Week's Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  161. Is Spotify Also Eyeing Tidal? Kayne West Shares Insider Info, Calls On Apple To "Give
  162. Snowden slaps Assange over tactics
  163. Amazon is the Queen of online trading
  164. Dualtone's Vinyl Den: A Monthly Subscription Service That Delivers Amazing Records, S
  165. Strong Quarter For Sony Music Helps Sony Corp. Turn Profitable Despite Orchard Write-
  166. How To Get YouTube To Help Promote Your Videos
  167. Are Your Ready To Be Your Own Record Label?
  168. Frank Ocean Teases New Release With Stream Only Available To Apple Users
  169. FREE WEBINAR TUES. - Pop, Country, Dance, Hip-Hop Fans Examined
  170. Peter Thiel interested in injecting himself with the blood of children
  171. Trump wants to ban internet smut
  172. Making Live Video Part Of Your Music Promotion
  173. Spin Doctor's Chris Barron Talks Getting Started In The Industry, Hookist Songwriting
  174. New Facebook Video Features: Suggested/Dedicated Video, Saved Bookmarks
  175. Instagram Copies Snapchat, Adds "Stories"
  176. 6 Things Every Musician Must To Do Before Summer's Over
  177. Top Nigerian spammer arrested
  178. British pub installs Faraday cage
  179. Michelle Obama Carpool Karaoke Appearance Spikes Missy Elliot, Stevie Wonder Hits
  180. An Alternative View Of The DoJ’s ASCAP/BMI Consent Decree Review
  181. 6 Social Media Lessons We Can Learn From Music Festivals
  182. Every Day Major Music Companies Earn $10M Millon, Indies $5 Million In Streaming Reve
  183. Atlantic Records Subpoenas Reddit to Nab Twenty One Pilots Leaker
  184. Cue the stupidity
  185. Canada wants cloud data kept local
  186. Bankrupt Music Tech Startup Crowdmix Sold To Controversial Billionaire Real Estate In
  187. BMI To Take Legal Action As It Joins With ASCAP To Fight Today's DoJ Ruling Eliminati
  188. Department Of Justice Issues Feared Official Ruling Requiring 100% "Full-Works Licens
  189. Likely Pop Sensation? The Numbers Behind Dagny [Liv Buli]
  190. Understanding The Monetization Of YouTube Views
  191. Christians block US DNA work
  192. Facebook kills click bait headlines
  193. An Artist's Guide To Crowdfunding
  194. How To Use Livestreaming to Grow An Audience
  195. Content ID Still Just Piracy [Maria Schneider]
  196. Confused By Department Of Justice ASCAP, BMI Consent Decree? Check Out This Infograph
  197. China's Version Of Spotify Shows How To Be Profitable In A World Of Digital Abundance
  198. REWIND: The New Music Industry's Week In Review
  199. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. And Indie Music
  200. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Backgrounds For Music Websites • Passing The Audition
  201. TOP POSTS: This Week's Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  202. This Week In Music Commentary
  203. Google’s self-driving car expert walks
  204. Snowden ain’t dead yet
  205. Social Music App Eyegroove Shuts Down, Team Joins Facebook. Should Musical.ly, Dubsma
  206. Spotify Releases Useful "Organize Your Music" Tool
  207. How Much Does Confidence Affect Musical Ability?
  208. Music Publishing News Roundup: PROs React To DoJ • EU OKs Sony/ATV Deal • SESAC + SUI
  209. 42 Injured In Railing Collapse At Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa Live Nation Concert, Venue
  210. Obama, Meet Kafka [Chris Castle]
  211. Ruth B's Streaming Success: Anatomy Of A Developing Artist [Glenn Peoples]
  212. Kosha Dillz Hits 6 Billboard Charts - 100% Indie, 100% D.I.Y.
  213. Blockchain Tech: A Solution For Music At Political Events?
  214. US discovers secret software in VW
  215. Most Bluetooth locks are a false security
  216. SONGWRITERS ON STRIKE! Is It Time For Songwriters To Bring Down The Music Licensing S
  217. Songwriters Just Got Screwed: Here's How
  218. Artist Growth Upgrades Artist Management Platform, Releases iOS, Android Apps With Of
  219. 6 Things Musicians Don’t Really Need In Order To Be Successful
  220. Top Two Execs Pushed Out Of Music Tech Startup Bkstg
  221. Azealia Banks Promises To Quit Social Media Forever
  222. Why Surprise Album Releases Are The Worst [Cortney Harding]
  223. Scottish coppers pay out for bugging hack
  224. Intel reaches Nervana for its intelligence
  225. The 'Value Gap' In Music Services Could Harm Tech, Music Industry
  226. Eight Years Of 8tracks [David Porter]
  227. UMG Names Former WMG Exec Oana Ruxandra As SVP Digital Strategy and Partnerships,
  228. How Engaged Are Facebook Users? [CHART]
  229. Sony Acquires Ministry Of Sound, One Of World's Largest Indie Labels
  230. Apple goes to war
  231. Banks moving to blockchain technology
  232. I Wanted To Spend $40 At Your Show, But Instead I Spent $0
  233. Spotify Debuts "Deconstructed" Cartoon Series [VIDEO]
  234. Music Sampling: Breaking Down the Basics
  235. International Songwriting Competition Announces 2016 Judges
  236. Led Zeppelin On Hook For $800,000 In Legal Fees For 'Stairway' Case
  237. HPE buys high-performance computing outfit SGI
  238. Bleeping computer goes to war with Enigma
  239. Spotify’s Original Content, Shazam Gets a Gameshow, Frank Ocean is Just Cruel and Mor
  240. Today Is National Vinyl Record Day: Support You Indie Music Store
  241. The Kesha-Dr. Luke Lawsuit Exemplifies Everything That Is Wrong With The Music Indust
  242. TARGETING: Your Daily Key To Growing Your Fanbase, Contacts
  243. 4 Instances When You Shouldn't Take A Gig
  244. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y And Indie Music
  245. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Grow Your Instagram Following • Get Reckless • Make Yo
  246. REWIND: The New Music Industry's Week In Review
  247. This Week In Music Commentary
  248. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  249. Google grows a new hsia operating system
  250. Internet under threat as Patent Troll given the power to threaten every US ISP