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  1. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y And Indie Music
  2. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Mistakes The Beatles Made • Increase Your Chances Of G
  3. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  4. This Week In Music Commentary
  5. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  6. Microsoft has angered the Finns
  7. Google has killed open source claims Oracle
  8. Rapper Troy Ave Charged In T.I. Concert Green Room Shooting
  9. MON. BRIEFING: Pandora Stock Up 32% On Sale Rumors • Musical.ly Launches Live.ly • Ja
  10. Gawker Hulk Hogan case is just the revenge of the billionaires
  11. ARM shows off new chips
  12. Vendini Raises $20M For Ticketing, Event Management Solutions
  13. Millions Of Musicians Affected As MySpace, Tumblr, LinkedIn Hacked, Sensitive Data Fo
  14. 5 Tips For Increasing Fan Engagement On YouTube
  15. YouTube Personality Sues Critics...
  16. Embracing Virtual Reality Could Enable Streaming Services To Finally Move Forward [Co
  17. Panasonic packs in LCD panels
  18. Microsoft sells 1,500 patents to Xiaomi
  19. Spotify, Musixmatch End Lyrics Partnership Over Unfavorable Terms: "We will not allow
  20. AM BRIEFING: Streamer Guvera Preps IPO • Instagram Adds Pages • SiriusXM Cuts Latin •
  21. 17% Of Fans Represent 61% Of All $'s Spent On Music [CHART]
  22. Top YouTube Trends For 2016
  23. When Rappers Are Affected By White Fragility [Talib Kweli Greene]
  24. CHANGES @ Bandcamp • Spotify • Songkick • Chrysalis • Valory Music • FaderPro + Beatp
  25. Data Dive: Older Artists More Popular On Social Media
  26. Save the planet and make stuff in outer-space
  27. Smart TVs are a dumb idea
  28. Sorry Not Sorry: Indie Musician Sues Bieber, Skrillex For Copyright Infringement Over
  29. WMG Acquires Pioneer Playlister, Repackager X5 Music
  30. AM BRIEFING: Chrysalis Records Goes Indie • WMG Acquires X5 • New Apple Music Tech Is
  31. CBS Dodges Pre-1972 Royalties Claim With Disastrous Court Ruling That New Masters Des
  32. Playboy Just Launched A Streaming Music Service, And It's Pretty Much What You'd Expe
  33. Booking Career-Building Shows: What Many Bands Don't Understand
  34. As on-demand streaming loses its novelty, music needs personality
  35. CHANGES @ Caroline • SoundCloud • UMG • East Coast Ent. • Stagelink • WME • Nimblesti
  36. Google wants to create artificial Roman drivers
  37. Stuxnet gets a copycat
  38. Overcoming The Fear Of Sharing Your First Track
  39. Song Foundry Launches Free 'On Songwriting' Online Video Series
  40. EDM Still Has Room For Growth, Contrary To Predictions
  41. The Music Business Runs On Sushi
  42. Liv Buli's Weekend Readling List: Warner Invests in Playlisting, Gov Ball v. Panorama
  43. Google's Project Magenta Used Machine Learning To Write A Song [LISTEN]
  44. Defining A Successful PledgeMusic Campaign
  45. When It Comes To New Music Releases, Is The Element of Surprise Wearing Thin?
  46. Google Launches Free, Simple Tool To Test Your Website’s Speed And Mobile Friendline
  47. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y and Indie Music
  48. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Music Business Runs On Sushi • Hashtags For Artists •
  49. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  50. This Week In Music Commentary
  51. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  52. Facebook denies spying rap
  53. Arrow hits a slice of the IT press
  54. Leadership Music Names 47 Industry Leaders To Its 28th Class
  55. Life On The Road: Low Volts Shares 10 Touring Tips [INTERVIEW]
  56. AMA, Record Store Day Partner For Americana Music Month
  57. BEWARE: The New Instagram Algorithm Is Live
  58. 27+ Tricks & Tips For Successful Email Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]
  59. Deezer Sells Podcast Service Stitcher To Scripps For $4.5 Million
  60. Troy Carter To Join Spotify In Senior Role, As Battle For Exclusive Content Heats Up
  61. Let's Kill the "Manel" for the Sake of the Music Business
  62. Supremes snub Google
  63. Buzzfeed rejects a million dollars of Trump adverts
  64. Apple Music Enlists Fashion Designers to Curate Playlists, First Up Is Alexander Wang
  65. Could Record Release Dates Be Played Out?
  66. Business Entities And Taxes: A Musician’s Basic Guide
  67. Troy Carter Explains Why He Joined Spotify As Global Head Of Creator Services To "Pro
  68. Merchbar June Hot Merch Chart Includes Creative Offerings From Dave Matthews, Grimes
  69. Blighty brings in a new spying law
  70. US Newspaper Association loses the plot again
  71. Spotify To Stream Radiohead's "A Moon Shaped Pool" Next Week
  72. How To Go From Band To Brand
  73. Axl Rose Cooks Up Copyright Claim To Force Take Down Of Unflattering Fat Photo He Doe
  74. New On Our Jobs Board: TC Management • Red Bull Records
  75. RIAA Announces 91 Gold And Platinum Awards For May 2016 [Full List]
  76. EU worries that privacy protects online review cheats
  77. Creepy Cruz wants to keep US control of the web
  78. CMT Music Awards 2016 - Full List Of Winners
  79. Spotify Won't Ever Sell To Apple, Google, Microsoft Or Amazon Says CEO Daniel Ek
  80. UPDATE: Apple, Google Cut App Commissions By 50%, But Spotify Says It's Not Enough
  81. RIAA Demands Takedown Of ThePirateBay.org, EasyDNS Refuses
  82. Indie Empresario Graham Stairs On The Music Industry, Great Songs And Staring A New R
  83. Apple has shocking electricity plans
  84. Not my fault Amazon made my kids rude
  85. Radiohead's "In Rainbows" Is Now Available On Spotify, As Rebel Band Embraces Music S
  86. Distributor Allegro Closes, Leaving 100s Of Indie Labels In Limbo
  87. Rhapsody / Napster Restructures, Laying Off Staff, Closing San Francisco Office
  88. Liv Buli's Weekend Reading List: Understanding Mechanicals, Apple takes a Pay Cut, an
  89. 5 Free Organizational Tools For Musicians
  90. CHANGES @ Spotify • WMG • UMPG • ASCAP • A2IM • UMG • Berklee • Pandora • More
  91. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  92. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. And Indie Music
  93. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: CBS Lawsuit • Get More Fans Through Social Media • Rec
  94. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  95. This Week In Music Commentary
  96. World’s first computer told fortunes just like Big G
  97. Apple’s secret war to force users to use its repair system
  98. Berklee Launches Ambitious Open Music Initiative, Majors Labels and Top Music Streame
  99. Nikki Sixx, Sixx:A.M Ratchet Up YouTube Battle, Calls Out Google CEO [Full Text Of Si
  100. Live Tweeting Today's Apple #WWDC Announcments At 1PM ET Today + Thanks For Helping U
  101. Email Marketing: Do's And Dont's For Musicians
  102. "Nashville" Heads To CMT, Hulu For Season 5 Thanks to $11 Million In Government Incen
  103. Apple Music Has 15 Million Subscribers, Gets Total Design Makeover
  104. TuneCore Artists Earned $42 Million Last Quarter, Up 16%
  105. In Defense Of The Digital Album
  106. Music Industry Is Not Ready For The Blockchain
  107. Apple shows off its lack of ideas
  108. AMD shows off Polaris-based Radeon RX 470 and RX 460
  109. Remixing Not A Right
  110. Emerging Tech Offers New Opportunites For Artists [Cortney Harding]
  111. How NOT To Promote A Spotify Playlist
  112. Reaction To Apple Music's "From The Ground Up" Makeover
  113. Rendezville Web App Creates Affordable Option for Small and Medium Festivals
  114. Indie Music Label Seeks Artists Engagement Through Co-operation
  115. Texas wants to charge systems admins with hacking
  116. Obama ditches Blackberry
  117. Why You Should Treat Your Music Career Like A Startup
  118. "The Future Of Social Media Belongs To PRM" Say Ryan Leslie, Bonin Bough At Brooklyn'
  119. 10 Techniques For Effectively Promoting Local Shows
  120. Rhapsody Rebrands As Napster In US
  121. Josh Simons On Vampr, New Collaboration App For Musicians [INTERVIEW]
  122. UPDATE: Apple's Trent Reznor Says YouTube Was 'Built On Backs Of Free Stolen Content,
  123. Tax Break State Of Mind: New York Set To Offer Recording Companies Big Tax Credits
  124. ASML buys Hermes Microvision for $3.1 billion
  125. Eight out of 10 smartphones made in China
  126. Jae Goodman, Josh Rabinowitz On How Successful Brands Use Music [INTERVIEW]
  127. A Brief History Of Frozen Mechanical Royalties [David Lowery]
  128. Legacy Revenue Share Deals: More Trouble Than They're Worth?
  129. Pare Booking App Simplifies The Show Booking Process
  130. 10 Reasons Musicians Fail On Social Media
  131. Grammys Announce 5 Key Rule Changes, 2016 Dates And Deadlines
  132. VW goes electric
  133. Top three net companies sued over Paris deaths
  134. Liv Buli's Weekend Reading List: Twitter, SoundCloud, Microsoft, LinkedIn and Napster
  135. Alabama Shakes, Kamasi Washington Biggest Winners At A2IM's Indie Music Libera Awards
  136. 5 Must-Haves For Making A Budget Music Video
  137. Visual Strategies For Boosting Email/Social Engagement
  138. Payments To Indie Labels Grew 73% Last Year Driven By Streaming, Says Merlin
  139. SFX Entertainment Exits Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Unexpectedly [BREAKING NEWS]
  140. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y And Indie Music
  141. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: EU Referendum• Networking Skills • Why Musicians Fail
  142. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  143. This Week In Music Commentary
  144. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  145. Tech firms want the UK to stay in the EU
  146. 1,000 core chip developed
  147. Guvera $75M IPO Blocked By ASX, Future Of Music Streamer In Doubt
  148. Warner Music Unifies Direct To Fan Efforts, Names Matt Young EVP
  149. Taylor Swift, U2, 180 Musicians, 19 Orgs Sign Letter Demanding Digital Copyright Refo
  150. Why Did Twitter Invest In SoundCloud?
  151. How To Get Free Tickets From Ticketmaster As Part Of Massive Class Action Court Settl
  152. Russian into Putin backdoors into messaging
  153. Zuckerberg keeps Thiel on board
  154. How To Launch A Successful YouTube Channel
  155. Rihanna, Drake, Desiigner And More: Songs Of Summer 2016
  156. What To Do When Someone Writes About Your Band
  157. Livestreaming for Direct-to-Fan, Beyond Periscope and Facebook Live
  158. Irving Azoff Calls On Music Industry To "Work Together"
  159. Apple fanboys are revolting
  160. Microsoft Azure doing rather well on Linux
  161. SoundCloud Ramps Up Music Discovery, Adds 'Suggest Tracks'
  162. It's Time To “Daydream” With YouTube’s VR Platform
  163. Spotify Merchbar Partnership Means BandPage Is Out
  164. The Changing Face Of Media [Bas Grasmayer]
  165. Aphex Twin Hires 12 Year Old Unknown YouTuber To Produce First Music Video In 17 Year
  166. Blackberry debates killing off handsets
  167. Opera mocks Microsoft’s Edge claims
  168. Led Zeppelin, Warner Music Group Issue Statements After "Stairway To Heaven" Court Vi
  169. Pandora Listeners Added 1 Million New Music Stations In First 24 Hours
  170. Adele '25' To Stream On Spotify, Apple, Amazon Other Streamers Starting At Midnight T
  171. Led Zeppelin Wins "Stairway To Heaven" Lawsuit
  172. Gaining Exposure: Music And The Indie Gaming Community
  173. Qualcomm asks for Chinese court help
  174. Xerox gets a new head
  175. Adele '25' Is Now Available On Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Tidal, Deezer, Rhapsody,
  176. AM BRIEFING: Facebook, YouTube Expand Live • Flipagram: 200M Users • iTunes Bug • App
  177. Spotify, iHeartMedia Sued Over Audio Playback Patents
  178. Time To Hit ‘Reset’ On The Streaming Business Model? [Cortney Harding]
  179. Is Narcissism Ruining the Live Experience?
  180. Image Matters: Making Every Gig Memorable
  181. Music Publishing News Roundup 6.24.16: DMCA Safe Harbor Battle • EU vs YouTube • Vime
  182. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Music Marketing • Make Your Next Gig Memorable • Tackl
  183. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  184. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y & Indie Music
  185. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  186. This Week In Music Commentary
  187. Technology companies mull a post-Brexit pull out
  188. Extremist videos can be blocked automatically
  189. Warner Music's $3 Billion Debt Upgraded To B1 "High Default Risk"
  190. The Musician's Guide to Hiring a Publicist
  191. #GoogleMath: No Idea What YouTube Is Paying You?
  192. The Secret To Being A Successful Producer That No One Wants To Hear [Joey Sturgis, As
  193. Music Is Almost As Important As Coffee For Monday Morning Motivation, Says New Survey
  194. Amazing Facebook Stats, Facts And Figures (INFOGRAPHIC)
  195. Google Partners With LyricFind To Deliver More Lyrics In Search, Administer Rights
  196. 6 Ways To Boost Your YouTube Channel
  197. Koreans investigate Apple antitrust antics
  198. ZTE given a stay of execution
  199. How The Share Button Is Ruining Social Media
  200. Music-Based Social Networks Are Doomed: Here's Why [Cortney Harding]
  201. CHANGES @ Roc Nation • Warner/Chappell • ASCAP • Armonia • Universal Music • Round Hi
  202. Why Am I Doing This To Myself? Indie Hip Hop Powerhouse Jean Grae Asks And Answers
  203. Soundcloud, Amazon, Tidal: Streaming's Other Competitors
  204. Florida man claims to have invented the iPhone
  205. Microsoft 365 users exposed to ransomware attack
  206. 3 Kinds Of Bands That Don't Need A Publicist
  207. Beers, Blue Jeans, And Broadcast vs. Pandora
  208. SXSW Music Panel Picker 2017 Is Open
  209. How to Book A European Tour Without An Agent Or Label (Part 1)
  210. Why You Need A Music Marketing Plan
  211. Facebook Tweaked It's Feed Formula Again, And It's Not Good News For Musicians, Music
  212. Apple Music Scores Streaming Exclusive Of New Snoop Dogg Album "COOLAID"
  213. UK has the world’s fastest mobile internet
  214. Polaris finally shines today
  215. 63% Stream Music But Just 10% Are Willing To Pay For it [CHART]
  216. Festicket Raises $6.3M For Festival Travel Booking
  217. 6 Seismic Societal Shifts Changing The Music Industry
  218. BMG Acquires Indie The End Records, Better Than Ezra, Everclear, Hinder, Billy Talent
  219. Why Music Streaming Services Need To Attract An Older Audience
  220. App Developers Alliance Sides With Spotify In Apple Dispute
  221. Spotify Says Apple Rejected App Upgrade "As A Weapon" Because It Competes With Apple
  222. Elizabeth Warren takes on death cults Google, Apple and Amazon
  223. s get a taste of their own spying medicine
  224. Is Apple A Mean Girl? Could Taylor Sue Kanye? This Week in Music and Much More
  225. Apple Berates Spotify For Asking For "Preferential Treatment"
  226. Katy Perry Is First To Surpass 90 Million Twitter Followers
  227. Why Trent Reznor Is Wrong About Apple Music
  228. Justice Department Refuses To Modify PRO Consent Decrees, Moves Forward With Dreaded
  229. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y And Indie Music
  230. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Online • Van Accidents • Write Music For Commercials •
  231. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  232. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  233. This Week In Music Commentary
  234. Kayne West "Famous" Video Is Now On YouTube Uncensored - 2.5M Views In 48 Hours [WATC
  235. Bitcoin controlled by Chinese
  236. Israel slams Facebook over terrorism
  237. Israel’s tech-hub running out of experts
  238. Samsung races ahead on mobiles
  239. YouTube's Importance Declines As Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal Streams Surpass Music Vi
  240. U.S. Music Consumption Up 6.5%, On-Demand Streams Grew 58% [BuzzAngle Music Mid-Year
  241. 3 Things YouTube Savvy Musicians Should Add To Their Videos
  242. Musicians Need To Tour Like A '90s Band
  243. 10 Best Music Books Of 2015/2016 So Far
  244. Coppers breach cyber security for fun and profit
  245. Blackberry Classic goes the way of the Dodo
  246. AM BRIEFING: Guvera Users Exit • Apple Music Churn Rate • DoJ Ruling Reactions • More
  247. Soundcloud Aims Straight At Spotify, Apple Music With "Artist Stations"
  248. Slim's Nightclub Has The Best Sign In It's Bathroom
  249. Should Apple Really Buy Tidal? A Look At Paid Subscriber Stats For All Major Music S
  250. Kevin Lyman Talks Vans Warped Tour [INTERVIEW]