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  1. #Beyoncé Releases Surprise Album 'Lemonade' Exclusively On Jay Z's TIDAL
  2. #Beyoncé Surprise 'Lemonade' Release Will Be Available For Download Tonight On Apple
  3. #Bank Robbers use SWIFT exploit
  4. #China bans Apple mobile entertainment
  5. #Google and Microsoft bury the hatchet
  6. #Dutch arrest encrypted network provider
  7. #Spotify Slams Tidal, Streaming Exclusives As "Bad For Fans"
  8. #Future Of Music Coalition CEO Casey Rae On The Value Of Universal Data Standards [IN
  9. #Hundreds Of Spotify User Credentials Appear Online, Users Accuse Streamer Of Inactio
  10. #Music Business Growth Hacking 101 - A MUST READ If You Are Serious About Your Career
  11. #Beyoncé Release, Prince Passing Prompt Piracy Surge, Take TIDAL #1
  12. #Prince Sells 3 Million Tracks, 650K Albums In Just 4 Days
  13. #Printer and copier trade slump guts Xerox
  14. #EU will veto O2 mobile deal
  15. #Encryption going like the clappers, Clapper moans
  16. #VR and AR next computing platform say Goldman Sachs
  17. #Inside The Taylor Swift Anti-Piracy Battle: Regulatory Filing Reveals UMG's Massive
  18. #How Long Should A Teaser Video Be?
  19. #3 Tips for Building Relationships with Hip-Hop Bloggers
  20. #5 Things Which Separate Career Musicians From Hobby Musicians
  21. #Beyoncé's 'Lemonade' Embraces Indie Rock, Does Right By Copyright
  22. #The decline of the Apple Cult comes to pass
  23. #Samsung likely to lead us through the gloom
  24. #NSA snooping scares Wikipedia readers
  25. #German nuclear power plant infected with viruses
  26. #Led Zeppelin Could End "Stairway To Heaven" Lawsuit For $1
  27. #7 Resources For Finding A Job In The Music Industry
  28. #Maximize Your Social Media Music Promo Using This Simple Formula
  29. #This Startup Used A Chatbot To Sell $1M In Vinyl Records In 8 Months, Scores $3.5M I
  30. #If You Use Bandcamp Or Soundcloud, You MUST Tag Your Music
  31. #Creepy Cruz makes Fiorina his running mate
  32. #Tor developer helps spooks hack Tor
  33. #Smartphone sales are flat
  34. #Thunderstorm hits Microsoft’s Windows 10 nagware
  35. #The Next Song Matters: New Pandora Ad Celebrates Joys Of Personalized Streaming [WAT
  36. #What People Are Listening To On Their Smartphones
  37. #Beyoncé “Lemonade,” Prince Dominate Mid-Week Chart
  38. #Virtual Reality In The Music Industry Must Be A Tool, And Not Just An Experience
  39. #Facebook Owns 50 Minutes Of Your Fans Day, Every Day
  40. #Nvidia teaches a car called Dave to drive itself
  41. #Volvo engineer rubbishes Telsa’s unsafe automatic driving
  42. #Apple fanboy sells his shares in China Crisis
  43. #AM BRIEFING: Pandora Revenues, Stock Rise • YouTube Changes Content ID • Neil Young
  44. #Microsoft doing well thanks to Azure
  45. #New Experiences Like Video And VR Can Save Streaming Music
  46. #Music Publishing News Roundup: Friday, April 29, 2016
  47. #7 Easy Fixes That'll Make Your Band Look Way Better On Social Media
  48. #Spotify Is Becoming MySpace, While Apple Music Becomes Facebook
  49. #Label Sues Band For 'shamelessly attempting to cash In before downfall of addicted b
  50. #Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Traveling Band • Brand Your Music • Make Money From Y
  51. #REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  52. #Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y & Indie Music
  53. #This Week In Music Commentary
  54. #Drake's New Album "View" Sold Over 640,000 On Its First Day
  55. #TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  56. #Apple suffers worst week since 2013
  57. #Amazon makes a killing
  58. #Inject Google into your eyeball
  59. #Siemens’s spider make plastic products not webs
  60. #Why Your Cover Songs May Never Be Streamed Thanks To New Rules At Spotify, Apple Mus
  61. #CHANGES @ MetaPop • UMG • SESAC • SGAE • 7Digital • Three Six Zero • More
  62. #Lessons From Prince And His Struggles With Digital Music
  63. #Warner Music Group Expands Board With Ex-CEO That Sold Maker Studios To Disney For $
  64. #Guide To Integrating Video Into Your Music Marketing + Great Tips
  65. #Drake Surpasses 911,000 Albums In Just 3 Days In U.S. And Canada, Beyonce And Prince
  66. #Live Nation To Launch Massive $20 Concert Ticket Fire Sale
  67. #Overheard @ ASCAP EXPO 2016
  68. #Self-driving cars spark fears
  69. #Malware writer told to pay $6.9 million damages
  70. #Nvidia’s patent trolling flops
  71. #Big Content coins it in
  72. #Next Steps For Gender Equality In The Music Industry
  73. #Don't Count SoundCloud Out Yet...
  74. #One Band Confronts Industry Barrier With Unique Working Wage Revenue Model
  75. #First Radiohead Erased Itself From The Internet, Now Their Flipping Their Fans The B
  76. #What’s Working in Indie Music Today: Lessons in Success from New Artist Model Member
  77. #Pandora Streamed Drake's "Views" 17.4 Million Times In 4 Days
  78. #Google and Fiat Chrysler will build self driving vans
  79. #Rich and powerful to replace peasants with robots
  80. #Apple loses iPhone exclusivity in China
  81. #IBM creates cloud based quantum computer
  82. #Back To The Future: Old Music Is Selling More Than New Music
  83. #5 Tips For Touring Smarter
  84. #Two Acts In Congress Could Make It Easier For Artists International Acts To Tour The
  85. #TuneCore Encourages Members To Opt-In To $25M Spotify NMPA Settement, Artist Advocat
  86. #How Live Music Can Save Itself From Disruption [Cortney Harding]
  87. #5 Richest Hip Hop Artists 2016
  88. #Robot has humans in stiches
  89. #Facebook likes 10 year old’s bug hack
  90. #Tech companies lean on presidential hopefuls
  91. #Amazon’s business market makes a billion.
  92. #Music Festivals: Revenue For Event And Host City Is Staggering
  93. #Patreon Nets Income For Many Creators, But Not For Musicians [Unless You're Amanda P
  94. #5 Easy Organization Tips for Musicians That Make a Huge Difference
  95. #Using Music To Re-Architect Hospitals [George Howard]
  96. #Awesome Innovation: Make More Music With These Three Devices
  97. #Drake's Views Passes 218 Million Streams In 6 Days
  98. #SAP signs pact with Apple
  99. #Top musicians look for medical cures
  100. #Microsoft to start charging for Windows 10 soon
  101. #GoPro delays Karma for another lifetime
  102. #Streaming Is Now Warner Music's Biggest Revenue Source
  103. #Activism In Entertainment
  104. #Zappa Threatening Zappa Over Zappa Plays Zappa
  105. #CASH Music Upgrades FREE Monetization, Marketing Platform
  106. #New On Hypebot's Music Industry Jobs Board: 2 DIY Music Marketing Interns Ready To L
  107. #Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y & Indie Music
  108. #Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Be A Tighter Band Live • Spark Inspiration • Build Yo
  109. #REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  110. #Drake's "Views" Breaks First Week Streaming Music Record
  111. #Musical.ly Closing $100 Million Funding Round At $500 Million Valuation For Social M
  112. #This Week In Music Commentary
  113. #TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  114. #Intel managers fume over call to “sell” decimation
  115. #Boffins create disposable lasers
  116. #Nvidia shows off Pascal GPU
  117. #Tim Cook to tell Chinese to stop mucking Apple about
  118. #Browsers block Pirate Bay
  119. #Petition Calls For Grammy Eligibility For Free Music, Chance The Rapper, 18,000 Othe
  120. #Full List Of CMT Music Awards Nominees 2016
  121. #Evolution Of A Digital Broadcasting Giant: Pandora
  122. #David Lowery Shares Proof Of Flawed NMPA, HFA, Spotify Settlement
  123. #For All The Country, EDM And Hip Hop Hype, Rock Still Reigns Surpreme, Says Nielsen
  124. #US newspaper chain offshores IT jobs
  125. #Former rubber boot maker faces hard times
  126. #Spotify grows after rival Apple Music starts-up
  127. #Microsoft revises document site
  128. #SFX Owned Beatport Ends Auction, Will Shut Down Streaming, News, Events Divisions Th
  129. #Has Record Store Day Peaked?
  130. #A Post-Download Era: What Happens When Apple Kills The iTunes Store
  131. #Live Nation Lists 150 Major Artists Offered In $20 Ticket Sale
  132. #Mastering Band Promo: A Step-By-Step Daily Routine
  133. #Microsoft dumps wi-fi sense
  134. #Smartphones give us ADHD symptoms
  135. #Republican steals Google’s typeface
  136. #PC sales continue to fall
  137. #AM BRIEFING: Amazon Takes On YouTube • Beatport Slashes Operation • Music Biz Confer
  138. #$300 Million - $600 Million US IPO Planned For China Based Streaming Music Service
  139. #How To Upload Your Videos To Amazon's New YouTube Competitor
  140. #EXCLUSIVE: ONErpm Drops Upfront Fees, Streams Grow 30% Monthly
  141. #Pay It Forward: Jim Lewi On The Legacy Of Paradigm's Chip Hooper
  142. #5 Unspoken Rules For Bands Contacting Press
  143. #Hyperloop test is a success
  144. #Gawker sued over email inventor claims
  145. #SAP “patched” bug still has holes
  146. #Ransomeware writers quickly adapt
  147. #What’s Working in Indie Music Today: Lessons in Success from New Artist Model Member
  148. #Americana Music Awards Names 2016 Nominees
  149. #Report That Apple Is Closing iTunes Download Store Is Bullsh*t
  150. #Universal Reports 60% Rise In Streaming Music Revenue As Download Sales Decline Acce
  151. #TUE. BRIEFING: Court Denies Songkick Ticketmaster Injunction • YouTube Adds Messagin
  152. #The Numbers Don't Lie: An Interview With Arty Erk, Industry Music Industry Auditor E
  153. #WAVfn Offers Free Informative Community For Musicians And Music Industry Entrepenuer
  154. #YouTube Holds All The Leverage In Current Record Label Negotiations
  155. #Pre-Plan: 5 Types Of Content You Can Prep In Advance On Twitter
  156. #Huka Entertainment Forms Southern Concert Touring Network To Develop New Live Talent
  157. #Watson gets a job as a lawyer
  158. #DVDFab is still going claims shocked studios
  159. #Trump threatens Amazon with antitrust charges
  160. #Google names new language software Parsey McParseface
  161. #Long Live EDM
  162. #BMI's New Honor Is Called The Taylor Swift Award, And The First Winner Is....
  163. #J Dilla's Low-End Genius
  164. #Concord Bicycle Music Invests In AEG Events Firm Bounce
  165. #Music Publishing News Roundup 5.13.16L: iTunes • SOCAN Buys MediaNet • ASCAP Pays $1
  166. #A Primer On Moral Rights For Musicians
  167. #A DIY Style 12-Week Plan To Promote Your Next Album
  168. #Prince And Negativland: Tilting At A Similar Copyright Windmill
  169. #This Week In Music Commentary
  170. #TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  171. #Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y & Indie Music
  172. #Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Who Killed The Creativity • Long Live EDM • Protectio
  173. #REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  174. #Windows 10 now schedules its own update
  175. #Secret meeting mulls creating plastic humans
  176. #Google’s Euro fine likely to be $3.4 billion
  177. #Buffet wants a Yahoo smorgasbord
  178. #Report That SoundCloud Is Taking Down US DJ Mixes Is Bogus
  179. #Small Radio And The Copyright Royalty Board: Live365 [Case Study]
  180. #Musicians, Social Entrepenuer Beatie Wolfe On The Power Of Music [George Howard]
  181. #Meghan Trainor Turns Stage Fall Into Touching Viral Moment With A Little Help From J
  182. #How UK's Exit From The EU Could Effect Music Industry
  183. #Microsoft to license Nokia brand to Foxconn
  184. #Al-Qaeda wants Bill Gates dead
  185. #Belgian coppers warn of Facebook monitoring
  186. #Vodafone expects growth
  187. #Intel runs out of hot air
  188. #5X Grammy Winner Calls YouTube "Criminal Racketeers" In Open Letter To "Pushers Of P
  189. #4 Best Social Media Marketing Practices For Musicians
  190. #Video From Spotify, Tidal, Google Play Music If Now Part Of T-Mobile's Binge On Free
  191. #Digital Rights Reporting With Medianet, SOCAN, YouTube And The Kobalt Effect [Mark M
  192. #Driving The Future of Owned Media [Fame House White Paper]
  193. #Google is the White House puppet-master
  194. #Adobe reports digital deflation
  195. #BabelFish created
  196. #Tame Apple Press reports that Apple Music is bad
  197. 5 Mistakes Every Novice Band Makes
  198. Rule Of Seven For Music: Why You’re Probably Getting Discovery Wrong
  199. Business Manager Accused Of Stealing $4.7M From Alanis Morissette
  200. What’s Working in Indie Music Today: Lessons in Success from New Artist Model Member
  201. Dubset NMPA Deal Means New Income For Indie Artists, Publishers
  202. Fire disaster was a good thing claims Bezos
  203. Nintendo planning a restructuring
  204. Spotify's Most Viral Tracks US, UK, Canada, Global
  205. Radiohead Passes 1 Billion Streams On Pandora Thanks To New Release "A Moon Shaped Po
  206. Rhapsody Launches First Virtual Reality Music App [And Its FREE]
  207. Chris Read Of WhoSampled's 4 Best Practices For Music Sampling
  208. Rage Against The Machine Tease Fans Ahead Of New Project
  209. US Navy comes up with Kill Web technology
  210. Chromebooks now outsell Macs
  211. Universal Music Group Relaunches Verve Label Group, Danny Bennett Named Head
  212. 2016 BET Awards Nominees - A Full List
  213. AM BRIEFING: Live Nation Buys YouTube MCN INDMUSIC • Rhapsody VR App • Music Biz Adds
  214. Soulja Boy Signs $400 Million Brand Ambassador Deal With World Poker Fund Holdings
  215. 12 Really Bad Ideas Raised At The Copyright Office's DMCA Roundtable Discussions
  216. Why Album Art Is Critical For Success In 2016
  217. YouTube Adopting New Tool For Faster, More Accurate Royalty Payments
  218. Glenn Peoples Exits Billboard Magazine For Pandora
  219. Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Survival Of The Smartest • How To Promote Your Music •
  220. REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  221. Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y And Indie Music
  222. This Week In Music Commentary
  223. TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  224. How To Use Shazam To Market Music
  225. Adele Signs $130 Million Sony Deal
  226. Chance The Rapper's "Coloring Book" Debuts #8 With No Label And Streaming Only On App
  227. Facebook Introduces New Slideshow Feature For Music Videos
  228. 4 Times That Saving Money On Your Music Career Actually Costs More Long-Term
  229. Go-Go's Spotify Streams Jump 300% After Billboard Music Awards Performance + Full Lis
  230. Spotify Payments To Music Industry Up 85% To $1.8B Last Year
  231. Flying Vinyl: A Vinyl Subscription Series With Global Aspirations
  232. Iggy Pop Blasts Music Industry, EDM: "Why don’t I just die now."
  233. How To Use YouTube Cards To Grow Your Fanbase
  234. Most Music Tech Startups Don't Know About How Labels Work - A Response To David
  235. Spotify Curated Playlists Generate 1B Streams Weekly
  236. Making The Most Of Facebook Live: 5 Tips
  237. The Ulimate Checklist For Travelling Musicians
  238. Twitter Announces Move Away From 140 Character Limit
  239. Wintel: smartphones continue to crash
  240. Twitter to relax its tweeting rules
  241. Ireland refers Facebook to an EU court
  242. Apple gets into speakers
  243. India rejects Apple temples in its country
  244. Google beats Oracle in Android in “fair use” case
  245. Pirate Radio Stations Are Making A Comeback
  246. It Would Take A Songwriter 288 Million Spins To Equal Average Annual Salary Of 1 Spot
  247. SuperPhone Allows Artists To Own Their Audience, Communicate With Them Directly
  248. Liv Buli's Weekend Reading List: Snapchat Makes It Rain, Spotify Turns 10, And The Al
  249. Get Your Music Into YouTube Content ID: A How To Guide
  250. UPDATE: Fame House Acquired By UMG For $1 Million, Will Continue To Also Serve Non-Un