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  1. #Throwback Thursday: Obsolete Technologies That Will Baffle Today’s Kids
  2. #Music For Good: Friendly Savages Partners With Austin Startup For Clean Water To Sou
  3. #Radiohead, Family Stone, Baez Among 25 Albums Added To U.S. National Recording Regis
  4. #3 Branding Lessons From Music's Biggest Superstars
  5. #Former Beats Music CEO Launches "Chosen", A Mobile Performance Based Music Competiti
  6. #RSA conference bans booth babes
  7. #Red tape stalls German driverless cars
  8. #Tim Cook will give away his fortune
  9. #Facebook “robbed” British data centre design
  10. #Paypal fined for aiding arm sellers
  11. #AM NEWS BRIEF: Beatport Adds Free Music App, Pleek Nabs Diddy Dollars, Loudr Upends
  12. #Diddy Invests In Pleek Photo Messaging App
  13. #5 Free and Cheap Time Management Tools for Musicians
  14. #Major Songwriters Demand Halt To Publishers' Digital Rights Exit From ASCAP, BMI
  15. #10 Most Buzzed About Emerging Artists #SXSW 2015
  16. #Google loses over privacy settings
  17. #BlackBerry makes a profit
  18. #PC sales continue to decline
  19. #Bursting The Music Tech Bubble
  20. #Rdio Adds 20 Curated Record Label Stations
  21. #The Music Industry Really Wants To Kill Free Listening
  22. #ASCAP Elects New Board Of Directors
  23. #BottleRock Napa Valley Hosts Instagram Takeovers Featuring Artists From 2015 Festiva
  24. #Fender Accelerator Tour Launches Providing Emerging Artists With Transportation, Gea
  25. #Intel in talks to buy Altera
  26. #REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  27. #MusicThinkTank Weekly Recap: Is The Future For Audio Professionals in Games (DRAFT)
  28. #Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y & Indie Music
  29. Những hiện tượng thiên nhiên kỳ lạ
  30. #This Week in Music Commentary
  31. #TOP POSTS: This Week's Most Read Posts on Hypebot.com
  32. #Former HP boss “90 percent sure” of presidential bid
  33. #Salesforce guns for SAP’s European crown
  34. #Interoute taps private equity for expansion
  35. #Startups target for hacks
  36. ##TIDALForAll - Madonna, Kayne, Beyonce, Rihanna, Coldplay Declare Support For Jay-Z'
  37. #Chinese CEO calls Apple s
  38. #Hon Hai profits soar
  39. #Smart buildings to generate fortunes
  40. #Notebook makers tire of Europe
  41. #Frequent flyers hit by hackers
  42. #The Complete Guide To ISRC Codes For Music [#Infographic]
  43. #Music Publishing News Roundup: 3.30.2015 Apple & Beats, Songwriters on Publishing R
  44. #AM NEWS BRIEF: Jay Z TIDAL Relaunch Today, Sony Playstation Adds Free Spotify Music,
  45. #Present Shock: When Music’s Future Arrives In The Here And Now [Kyle Bylin]
  46. #Doom over for PC industry says Intel
  47. #Microsoft’s job cuts are going to be nasty
  48. #TechEye downed by flying ants
  49. #Windows 9 rumours abound
  50. #Intel’s eight core plans revealed
  51. #South Korea gives up on Microsoft
  52. #Schmidt hits Cuba
  53. #California allows Bitcoin
  54. #HP forms Lynch mob
  55. #Pirates may be jailed in Blighty
  56. #The Ultimate Guide To Creating Your Band's Facebook Page
  57. #Smartphones for Audiophiles: How to Get Music on Your Phone
  58. #Copyright Essentials: 5 Things Every Musician Should Know
  59. #Songwriters Pen Open Letter To American Music Publishing Community: Why Can't We Be
  60. #JAY Z Reinvents Music Streaming: Watch Tidal Launch Live Here At 5pm ET Today
  61. #Madonna, Kanye, Rihanna, Daft Punk, Beyonce Among Artists Featured In Jay Z's Tidal
  62. #Jay Z Launches TIDAL As "Artist Owned" Music Service: Big On Star Power, Short On De
  63. ##TIDALForALL or #TIDALforNOONE: Cast Your Vote
  64. #Full Text Of TIDAL's "Declaration" Signed By Madonna, Kayne, Jay Z, Rihanna & Other
  65. #Where have we been?
  66. #IBM takes internet of things to the enterprise
  67. Tối ưu tốt thế nào thì tốt?
  68. #BMG Signs Digital Deal With China's Alibaba
  69. #AM NEWS BRIEF: TIDAL Launch Reaction, Deezer Elite Adds Asia, Facebook Subscribe, Yi
  70. #iHeartMedia To Amplify Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series
  71. #Mobile apps getting mature
  72. #Will Jay Z's Tidal Service Have a Hard Knock Life?
  73. #Bullpen Ventures Sizes Up Project Music For $100,000 Investment
  74. #5 Things Decision Makers Expect From Your Band's Online Presence
  75. #Jay Z Relaunches TIDAL: True Artist Avengers or Just A Millionaire Musicians Club?
  76. #5 Ways Musicians Should Be Using Periscope
  77. #Microsoft Surface, er surfaces
  78. #Ethernet sales reach new height
  79. #Solar, wind boosted by internet of things
  80. #The Music Industry’s 6:1 Ratio
  81. #Bandposters: Design, Print, And Ship Promo Posters In 90 Seconds Or Less
  82. #Consortium buys most of Philips lighting
  83. #UK works on military cyber attacks
  84. #Quanta hit by Apple iWatch
  85. #Weather goes into the IBM cloud
  86. #WED. NEWS BRIEF: More TIDAL "Feedback", Bertlesmann Reports Profits, Pandora + CarPl
  87. #Releasing New Music: Working With (Or Around) World Release Day
  88. #Top Classical Music Apps
  89. #IBM sells off supply chain software
  90. #7 Tips For Making A Great Facebook Video
  91. #Music Companies Led By Secretly Canadian Call Growing Indiana Boycott "Misguided"
  92. #Topsify To Begin Delivery Of Personalized Playlists Via Drone
  93. #ReverbNation Promotes Simon Perry To Chief Creative Officer, Head of A&R
  94. #Apple iTunes Relaunch Could Add 75 Million Paying Streaming Music Subscribers [SURVE
  95. #2014: Music Services Lost Subscribers…And It's A Good Thing
  96. #Top Music Industry April Fools Pranks
  97. #GeoRiot Aiming to Change Link Management for Musicans on a Global Level
  98. #Concord and Bicycle Music Merge, Raise $100 Million and Acquires Vanguard, Sugar Hil
  99. #EU ready to sue Google
  100. #Storage market shows sign of growth
  101. #French government wants a Dailymotion
  102. #AMD must face fraud charges over Llanos
  103. #US extends its cyber laws to the rest of the world
  104. #Chinese watchdog furious at Google snub
  105. #Integrated circuit demand picking up
  106. #MON. NEWS BRIEF: TIDAL Answers Critics, EU Vets Apple Streaming Plans, Vivendi's Mus
  107. #Google Chrome gets Taiwanese boost
  108. #IBM strikes deal with China Telecom
  109. #Adobe intros Slate app
  110. #Spotify Activated By 1.5 Million PayStation Owners On First Day
  111. #Rithm Adds Music Streaming To Messaging Service For $3.99 Per Month
  112. Phân tích thị trường forex
  113. #TIDAL Responds To Doubters: More Artist-Partners Wanted, Promises Higher Payments Fo
  114. #SoundExchange Files Lawsuit Against Muzak, DMX Alleging Underpayment To Artists, Rig
  115. #House Shows: How To Turn One Fan Into A Nationwide Tour
  116. #Clowdly Connects Local Creatives With Potential Employers Using Geo-Search
  117. #7 Points I Wish The Tidal Team Made
  118. #Last Week Jay Z Bought TIDAL For $56 Million, Today It Is Worth $250 Million
  119. #Why Competition In The Music Space Is Great And Fragmentation In The Music Space Is
  120. #How to Make Your Music Seem Like A Freaking Goldmine To Music Journalists
  121. #Belgium challenges software patents
  122. #Microsoft dragged kicking and screaming into the ODF
  123. #Big Blue suits uncovers Eastern European Fraud scheme
  124. #Galaxy look reveals Qualcomm’s loss
  125. #Onlive dead as Sony kills off rival
  126. #Willie Nelson Gets Into The Cannabis Business
  127. #AM NEWS BRIEF: US, EU Eye Streaming Music Probe • GrooveShark Loses To EMI • SeatGee
  128. #How Much Do Musicians Make From Spotfy, YouTube? - A Must See Digital Earnings Infog
  129. #5 Types of Artists Good Managers Will Never Work With
  130. #Beatport's New Shows Tab Now Powered By Bandsintown
  131. #Court Rules Against Grooveshark Again, EMI Wins Summary Judgment Worth Up To $420 Mi
  132. #Facebook Offers MusiciansOlive Branch With Events Subscription Feature
  133. #David Packman: What Jay-Z Should Have Launched With Tidal
  134. #Seat Geek Raises $62 Million
  135. #Hyper Locality: Why Focused Marketing is the Next Trend in Marketing
  136. Học quảng cáo fb
  137. Truyện cười hot nhất tuần qua
  138. #REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  139. #MusicThinkTank Weekly Recap: Making Your Music Seem Like A Goldmine To Music Journal
  140. #Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y & Indie Music
  141. Experts Told Us To never Publish This post On Wordpress
  142. #This Week in Music Commentary
  143. #TOP POSTS: This Week's Most Read Posts on Hypebot.com
  144. Tối ưu thế nào là tốt
  145. #Steve Jobs’ Easter egg ban is catching on
  146. #Tories want to censor porn
  147. #US politician calls for online book burning
  148. #Apple faces Swiss challenge to iWatch
  149. #40 years on, Open Source Windows could happen
  150. #AM NEWS BRIEF: Beyonce Debuts On TIDAL • Data Mining Music • Snapchat Hosts Song Deb
  151. #Top Reasons Our Public Schools Should Emphasize Music Education
  152. #Universal Spent $12M To Win "Pyrrhic Victory" Against Michael Robertson, MP3tunes
  153. #Bandsintown Helps Turn YouTube Viewers Into Concert Goers With YouTube Cards
  154. #Music Publishing News Roundup: Jay-Z Introduces Tidal, ASCAP Day @Berklee College &
  155. #TIDAL Delivers Major Beyonce "Exclusive," But You Can Also Watch It On YouTube
  156. #Lily Allen On TIDAL: Fans Will "Swarm Back To Pirate Sites In Droves"
  157. #An MIT Media Lab For Music Business Students
  158. #Prince Has A Lawsuit On His Hands After Giving Away Someone Else's Artistic Efforts
  159. #Snapchat Captures The Attention Of Notoriously Inattentive Millennials
  160. Tìm hiểu về qc
  161. #Turkey lifts YouTube Ban
  162. #Sony to boost imaging sensor business
  163. #e-commerce has its first antitrust case
  164. #Samsung recovers from slump
  165. #LG Display accidently leaks Apple’s High Res plans
  166. #World spent $895 billion on technology
  167. #Chip sales up eight percent
  168. #Rdio Names Warner/Chappell Music Exec Iain Morris As VP Global Music Publishing
  169. #TUE. NEWS BRIEF: Jay Z Album Vanishes From Spotify • Meerkat Debuts Madonna • Twitte
  170. #Scientists make battery breakthrough
  171. #Tablets put notebooks in the shade
  172. #3 Lessons We Learned From Tidal's Splash Back Into The Industry
  173. #Agency Wars: Prinz, Wheeler Exit United For ICM
  174. #Sleeping Through A Revolution – How To Reclaim The Creative Class
  175. #Tidal, Spotify, And Apple Play - The Digital Game of Thrones
  176. #MyMusicCloud Developer TriPlay Adds $11 Million in Funding
  177. #7 Ways Ensure You Never Get Invited Back to a Venue
  178. #What Is Your Music IQ?
  179. #Hypebot To Host Next San Francisco Music Tech Meetup On April 21
  180. #Jay Z's Debut Album Disappears From Spotify, But You Can Still Find It On TIDAL
  181. #Music Industry Veterans James Diener And Howard Lipson Launch Alignment Artist Capit
  182. Chọn plugin tốt cho wp
  183. Tham gia bảo hiểm nhân thọ Insurance - Life
  184. #Coca-Cola goes to town with Big Blue
  185. #AM NEWS BRIEF: ASCAP, BMI Consent Overhaul • Rand Paul YouTube Takedown • Tumblr Sha
  186. #All cars will be connected
  187. #5 Signs You're Ready To Play Outside Your Hometown
  188. #UK Insolvency Service goes bust
  189. #os Angeles controls street lighting through cloud
  190. #Swipe, dash and don’t crash
  191. #Muzicol Launches Indie Artist Promotion Platform, Professional Network
  192. #MusicThinkTank: A Call For Submissions
  193. #Webby Awards 2015 Nominees: Soundcloud, Vevo, Pandora and Some Real Surprises
  194. #Understanding Music, Video App Data: Mobidia Webinar FREE For Hypebot Readers
  195. #U.S. Dept. Of Justices Expected To Approve Changes That Would Change ASCAP, BMI Fore
  196. #Reaching Music Industry Influencers The Right Way
  197. #Pandora Brings Music To Your Wrist On Apple Watch
  198. #WMG's Indie Arm ADA Gets A New President
  199. #4 Lessons I Learned From A Crowd-Funded Startup
  200. Viral nội dung cho bài
  201. #Battle brewing over US patents
  202. #Apple’s iWatch panned by reviewers
  203. #Rats’ brains look like the internet
  204. #Nearly four in ten UK households bought a tablet
  205. #Internet of things bares its fangs
  206. #People will pay to prevent hacking
  207. #Army buys into IBM’s cloud
  208. #AM NEWS BRIEF: YouTube Readies Paid Plan • Leaker Faces Trial • Teens On Social • Me
  209. #Full Text Of Letter To YouTube Creators Forcing Participation In Paid Subscription S
  210. #Dell launches new tablet
  211. #Facebook hit by class action
  212. #Citymaps Partners With Songkick Connecting Music Fans To Events Happening Near Them
  213. #Chinese Internet Giant Baidu And Carmel Ventures Co-Invest $5 Million In Music Educa
  214. #Pandora Grabs Exclusive Rolling Stone Tour Presale Starting Today
  215. #8tracks Launches Music Library To Help Share Independent Music
  216. #10 Leadership Tips to Help You Get the Best of Your Music Business Team
  217. #SiriusXM Indies Award Nominees Announced
  218. #Former Rhapsody, Sony Execs Sends An Open Letter To The Music Business
  219. #Google Readies YouTube Ad Free Paid Subscription, Creators Forced To Sign On
  220. #Will Vessel Video Service Make The Same Mistake As Tidal?
  221. Tiếp cận mobile marketing
  222. #Futuristic Intel chips under the bonnet of supercomputer
  223. #Paypal and Ebay will stay close despite split
  224. #Amazon gets to play with drones
  225. #Intel Altera talks break down over price
  226. #AM NEWS BRIEF: Indie Labels Dish Digital • Microsoft Unifies Music, Media • Sweden:
  227. #PCs didn’t do well in first quarter
  228. #Fanboys turn up to view iWatch
  229. #Graphene spins like nothing else on earth
  230. #Next Big Sound’s Data Journalist Finds Stories In Numbers And Helps Labels Measure S
  231. #Bono Joins New $3 Billion TPG Investment Fund As Special Advisor
  232. #Don't Miss A Beat - Stay Connected with Hypebot Daily Digest
  233. #How Starbomb Used YouTube To Drive 6000 CD Sales In One Week
  234. #Turntable Kitchen DJs Dinner With Recipe, Ingredients and Limited Edition Vinyl
  235. #Who Is Listening? Internet Radio Consumption By Age [INFOGRAPHIC]
  236. #Back To The Future: Lessons From 20 Years Of Signature Sounds
  237. #Bandzoogle Simplifies Importing Tour Dates With New Bandsintown Integration
  238. #Record Store Day 2015 Spotlight: Music Millennium
  239. #6 Lessons Indie Labels & Musicians Have Learned About Streaming Music
  240. #Intel fails to vault Chinese walls
  241. #Apple's Streaming Music Launch Plans: $9.99, $14.99 Tiers, Lots Of Exclusives
  242. #REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
  243. #MusicThinkTank Weekly Recap: Top Reasons Our Public Schools Should Emphasize Music E
  244. #Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y & Indie Music
  245. #TOP POSTS: This Week's Most Read Posts on Hypebot.com
  246. #This Week in Music Commentary
  247. #Let Us Know What You Think Of Our New Design
  248. #Western tech companies retreat from Russian winter
  249. #NSA wants front door keys
  250. #Addicted to smartphones don’t ya know that they’re toxic?