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  1. #Supremes insist on warrants to search phones
  2. #Security industry runs aground
  3. #IBM Lenovo sale at risk
  4. #New Italian job stole half a million euro
  5. #Intel buys software for sports
  6. #Spotify, Beats Music To Launch In Canada
  7. #AM NEWS BRIEF: Music Licensing Hearings, Sirius XM + YouTube, MusiCares, Kobalt & M
  8. #B2B Marketing Insights From The New Music Seminar
  9. #Musicians' Must Do Checklist For Live Shows
  10. #musiXmatch Adds Rdio,Spotify, Play, Rhapsody, Napster, Chromecast Support
  11. #The Set Lister: Create A Spotify Playlist From Band's Last Show
  12. #What NOT To Do: Unknown Rapper Threatens To Quit Rap Due To Limited Blog Coverage
  13. #What's Your Best Way To Pack Vinyl When Moving?
  14. #RIAA Names Katy Perry Top Certified Digital Artist Of All Time
  15. #New On The Music Industry Jobs Board: MySpace, mTheory, MTV, Family Artists
  16. #Indie Music Is Blowing The YouTube Streaming Contract Controversy Out Of Proportion
  17. #What I Learned From Releasing Monthly Music Videos for a Year
  18. #Viggle Acquires Choose Digital To Power Digital Media Downloads As Customer Rewards
  19. #General Alexander accused of selling secrets
  20. #Supremes force you to decrypt
  21. #HP breaks from the Hurd
  22. #Pirates may be jailed in Blighty
  23. #Verizon loses German contracts to Deutsche-Telcom
  24. #AM NEWS BRIEF: Spotify vs Pirates, YouTube Creator Tools, Hi Rez Audio, SoundCloud
  25. #Big Day Out Festival Canceled, Acquired By C3 Presents
  26. #How 12-24 Year Olds Discover and Consume Music [CHART]
  27. #YouTube Upgrades Creator Toolkit: New App, Tip Jar, Sound Effects & More
  28. #Music Publishing Roundup 6.27.2014: YouTube, ASCAP Film & TV Awards, ROK Mobile & Mo
  29. #How Molly Lewis Built Her Indie Music Career Using YouTube, Social Media and Patreon
  30. #Are Gratis Licenses For Music Placements In Film and TV A Smart Move?
  31. #Bruce Iglauer of Alligator Records Inspiring A2IM Lifetime Achievement Award Speech
  32. #Expand Your Music's Global Reach With Fliplingo's Translated Tweets
  33. #SoundCloud Throws Out Baby With Bathwater? Nice App Design But Musicians Feel Screwe
  34. #Glasgow's Dream Of A SXSW Of Their Own
  35. #REWIND: The New Music Industry's Week In Review
  36. #MusicThinkTank Weekly Recap: What I Learned From Releasing Monthly Music Videos for
  37. #Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. & Indie Music
  38. #The Week In Music Commentary
  39. #Last Week's Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  40. #HP forms Lynch mob
  41. #South Korea gives up on Microsoft
  42. #Schmidt hits Cuba
  43. #California allows Bitcoin
  44. #Intel's eight core plans revealed
  45. #AM NEWS BRIEF: Facebook Furor, Filter Shutters, Amazon + Tumblr, BitTorrent, Bobby W
  46. #BET Awards '14: Beyoncé and Pharrell Williams Take Top Honors, Complete List Of Winn
  47. #Filter Magazine To Close As Both Founders Launch New Music, Culture Outlets
  48. #Getty Images Adds 45,000 Tracks To Sound Express Pre-licensed Collection
  49. #Feel The Beat: Trending DJ Apps For iPhone
  50. #Tips From Jack Conte: 6 Keys to Success
  51. #How To Write A Hit Pop Song: Comedian Offers Funny, Sadly Accurate Formula [VIDEO]
  52. #Apple Removes Music Download Apps From iTunes
  53. #SXSW 2015 Panel Picker Opens Tomorrow
  54. #Music Monetization: BitTorrent Bundle Pay Gates, YouTube Wants You To Play For Tips
  55. #Smule's New Smuush Turns Vine Clips Into Crowdsourced Music Videos
  56. #Rdio Acquires TastemakerX, Adds Key Execs
  57. #AM NEWS BRIEF: YouTube Replies To Indies, T-Mobile Spotify Troubles, Twitter "Buy"
  58. #Soundrop Launches Robust Music Marketing Toolkit Show.co
  59. #Canada Drops Onerous International Artists Fees
  60. #Bandsintown's New Manager App Adds Artist Marketing Tools For The Road
  61. #Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson On Frugal Touring And Why Tour Managers Are Pointless
  62. #YouTube Says 95% Of All Labels (Including Indies) Are On Board
  63. #It's Hypebot's 10th Anniversary
  64. #NeonGrid Debuts Database For Crediting All Your Musical Work Across The Web
  65. #Denver's BandSwap Creatively Boosts Bands and Builds Community
  66. #Google Has Acquired Songza
  67. #AM NEWS BRIEF: Facebook Feelings Fallout, Twitter Turmoil, 7Digital Slump, Vevo Exec
  68. #Radical.FM Launching New App But Can Their Donation-Based Business Model Work?
  69. #Festival Mistakenly Sells Tickets At 90% Off
  70. #Indie Duo The Presets Uses Google Cube To Create Unique Interactive Experience
  71. #Can LANDR Replace Your Mastering Engineer?
  72. #Coheed and Cambria Saves Fan's House From Foreclosure
  73. #SoundCloud WTF? Universal Has Direct Access To Pull Tracks Leading To Account Cancel
  74. #Ed Sheeran Breaks Spotify Streaming Records Held By Daft Punk, Eminem, Lana Del Ray
  75. #SoundExchange Launches Digital Dashboard 'SoundExchange Direct'
  76. #Spoon Partners With Indie Record Stores For Instant Vinyl Gratification Campaign
  77. #AM NEWS BRIEF: Milk Music Hits 2 Million, Selling Bob Marley, Soundcloud, Songza, St
  78. #SoundCloud Responds To Wave Of Criticism
  79. #StubHub Slashes Ticket Resellers' Field Operations, 100 Employees Laid Off [REPORT]
  80. #A Guide To Taking That Step From Just Making Music To Going Pro
  81. #One Spark Brings Crowdfunding Festival To Berlin Plus Campaign Tips For Creators
  82. #Anonymous Hacks Warner Music Int'l Site
  83. #YouTube Delays Indie Label Block As Talks Continue
  84. #You Need These 6 Qualities To Be A Successful Musician
  85. #Arena: Can A Free Streaming Music Service With A Unique Business Model Succeed?
  86. #Music Publishing Roundup 7.4.14: Songza + Google, Neilson Music Report, UMG Publish
  87. #FRI. NEWS BRIEF: Facebook Event Redesign, Spotify Rules, Gramofon, Crowdfunding VCs
  88. #10 Qualities Leaders Of Great Bands Must Have
  89. #Bandsintown and musiXmatch In First Batch Of Android Wear Smartwatch Apps
  90. #Festival Wristbands Go Digital: Payments at Lollapalooza, Social Networking at Tomor
  91. #Spotify Adds Sleep Playlists While Songza Discovers The Power Of Weather
  92. #Music Sales Continue Slide As Streaming Soars, Nielsen Report Shows
  93. #REWIND: The New Music Industry's Week In Review
  94. # Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. & Indie Music
  95. #MusicThinkTank Weekly Recap: Tips From Jack Conte: 6 Keys to Success
  96. #Last Week's Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  97. #AM NEWS BRIEF: ROK Mobile Music Launches, HMV Reborn, SiriusXM Fires Opie & Anthony,
  98. #Complete Nielson Soundscan Mid-Year Music Report [FREE]
  99. #6 Artists Who Are Amazing At Twitter – And What You Can Learn From Them
  100. #Indie Labels Force YouTube U-Turn
  101. #Don't Let Your Music Get Blocked By Digital Outlets Due To Formatting Errors
  102. #New On Music Industry Jobs Board: Co-founder @ House Cult, MySpace, MTheory, MTV & M
  103. #Universal Expands DIY Digital Music Distro and A&R Platform Spinnup
  104. #Fall Music Biz Conferences: REVOLT Music Conference, Dancefair Ibiza, Music Tech Fes
  105. #Wired For Sound Brings Mobile Recording Studio To Southern African Artists
  106. #MTV Launches Global Top 20 Video Chart with Echo Nest Integration
  107. #AM NEWS BRIEF: TubeMogul IPO, xBox Music App Dev, Music Vault + YouTube, Boomrat & M
  108. #Mark Mulligan Launches Music Technology Research Firm MIDiA
  109. #Live Nation Acquires, Launches EDM Platform Boomrat [Take That, SFX!]
  110. #Microsoft Opens xBox Music API With Strong Incentives For Developers
  111. #Four Different Songs Turn The Same Footage Into Unique Videos
  112. #How Streaming Effects Digital Music Sales [CHART]
  113. #Why Spraying Pigs' Blood Onstage and Shutting Down Great Venues Is Not Cool
  114. #SXSW 2015 Now Accepting Showcase Submissions
  115. #Small Change Turns Songkick Into A D.I.Y. Ticket Sales Powerhouse
  116. #Sub Pop Launches Web Radio Station On TuneIn
  117. #Wolfgang's Vault Bringing 12,000 More Concert Videos To YouTube Channel
  118. #How Musicians Should NOT Use Social Media [VIDEO]
  119. #AM NEWS BRIEF: 5th Harmony's Shazam Debut, Deezer Downgrades Canada, Thicke Tanks, M
  120. #Jesse Flores Joins INgrooves
  121. #Swimming Upstream
  122. #Help Kyle Bylin Choose A Cover Design For His New Book "Promised Land"
  123. #8 Tips On How To Get On European Tour
  124. #Your Album Release Campaign Timeline
  125. #The Artists Declaration of Independence
  126. #Cameo Video Editing App Upgrades Soundtracks, Adds Music Promotions
  127. #Robin Thicke's New Album Sold Just 530 Copies Last Week In UK
  128. #Artwork FM: Single Frame Music Video Creator
  129. #AM NEWS BRIEF: UK Favors Copying, Vevo On Android, Lowry In China, Trey Songz Tops &
  130. #Berlin Music Weeks Adds First Music Hack Day
  131. #Bop.fm's Music Access Service Reportedly Raises $2 Million Investment Round
  132. #Sonos Adds Soundcloud Support
  133. #This Is Why People Aren't Watching Your Videos
  134. #Concord Music To Take Stax Records To Broadway
  135. #Wix Website Builder Adds Free Email Newsletters
  136. #New On Hypebot's Music Industry Jobs Board: Cashmere Agency, House Cult, mtheory & M
  137. #The Last SF MusicTech Summit? [Save 10% with Hypebot Discount Code]
  138. #How Much Does A Major Act Get For Playing A Concert? [Price List]
  139. # Mixcloud and The International Radio Festival Launch Online Radio Awards
  140. #AM NEWS BRIEF: Sony Hints ASCAP/BMI Exit, SoundCloud Nears Deal, Beats' Billionaire
  141. #SoundCloud Nears Deal With Major Labels, Ownership Stake Included
  142. #Realativity Nears Sale Of ArtistDirect, Music Sites For Mere $1 Million
  143. #Sony/ATV Threatens To Exit ASCAP and BMI
  144. #The Artists Declaration of Independence: Johnny's Story Part 2
  145. #Getting Started As A Touring Act
  146. #Music Publishing News Weekly Roundup 7.11.14: Bop.fm, Rap Genius, UMPG + Moodagent
  147. #Limited Run Join Indie Services Adding SoundScan Reporting To D2F Music Sales
  148. #How Graduating High School Kids Listen To Music [CHART]
  149. #High [and Low] Points In SoundCloud's Failed Attempts To Communicate With Angry Musi
  150. #Soundsight Headphones Shoot Video For Livestreaming Or Editing
  151. #REWIND: The New Music Industry's Week In Review
  152. #MusicThinkTank Weekly Recap: Swimming Upstream
  153. #Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. & Indie Music
  154. #Rap Genius Adds $40 Million, Expands Beyond Rap
  155. #The Week In Music Commentary
  156. #AM NEWS BRIEF: Inside Rap Genius Deal, Google Speeds Music Search, Twitter Stats, Ta
  157. #Brian Message Steps Down As Chair Of Music Managers Forum
  158. #Live Nation Announces Lineup For Free Yahoo Streamed Concert Series
  159. #Neil Young Prepares For Late 2014 PonoMusic Launch As New CEO
  160. #The Artists Declaration of Independence: Johnny's Story Part 3
  161. #What They Really Mean: The Musician's Guide To Industry Speak
  162. #Indie Music From Rumblefish Powers Soundtrack Of 1.4 Billion Monthly YouTube Views
  163. #Jack White's Effect On The World Of Vinyl
  164. #Garth Brooks Goes D2F With Digital Sales and "Own Version Of Social Media"
  165. #Pono Competitor Geek Wave Crowdfunds Over $1.3 Million For High Quality Music Player
  166. #3 Years Ago Today Spotify Launched In U.S.
  167. #AM NEWS BRIEF: DoJ Pub Probe, Shazam + Free Rdio, MTV Promotes Music, Tupac's Broadw
  168. #Congressional Hearing Today: "Moral Rights, Termination Rights, Resale Royalty & Cop
  169. #Spotted On The Streets Of Beijing: Deats Headphones [Not Beats... Deats]
  170. #MTV Has A Plan To Help Sell More Albums
  171. #Shazam Adds Rdio Full Song Streaming, More Services To Follow
  172. #YouTube's Pressure Tactics? Good Old Fashioned Corporate Strong-Arming
  173. #Music Ad Watch: Obscure 2009 Indie Track Powers New Apple iPhone TV Spot [VIDEO]
  174. #TechEye downed by flying ants
  175. #Top 40 .FM Music Sites Give Alternate View Of Global Online Music Industry
  176. #Drone-Shot Music Videos Attracting Attention and Driving Chart Positions
  177. #Polaris Music Prize Announces 2014 Short List: Arcade Fire, Drake, Timbre Timbre & 7
  178. #Microsoft's job cuts are going to be nasty
  179. #Doom over for PC industry says Intel
  180. #AM NEWS BRIEF: 700 Indies Launch Fairness Campaign, Deezer Changes Plans, La-La, Goo
  181. #Sirus XM Adds $2B To Stock Repurchase Plan
  182. #Google Play Music All Access Adds 6 Countries
  183. #Indies Unite! 700 Labels Launch Campaign For Fair Digital Music Deals
  184. #TuneCore Paid $33.2 Million Last Quarter To 1 Million Registered Artists
  185. #Short Documentary Celebrates 25 Years Of Merge Records [Watch, Free Downloads]
  186. #Kim Dotcom's Baboom Offers Shares, Claims Indie Support, Seeks "Friendly Major Artis
  187. #16-Point Band Website Assessment Checklist
  188. #Ed Sheeran Voted Most Important Artist In Black & Urban Music (WTF?)
  189. #SiriusXM's YouTube 15 Radio Show: New Media Adapts To Old Forms
  190. #Hushed Events Lets Artists Rewards Fans With Private Calls Using Temporary Numbers
  191. The screen will clear up and the Apple logo will appear. When it comes to choosing
  192. #Pandora Hits 2M Users In Its Only Non-U.S. Market
  193. #AM NEWS BRIEF: Ek On Beats, Sony/ATV Goes Online, Soundwave Upgrade, R.I.P. Johnny W
  194. #How To Reach The Best Music Business Contacts. Period.
  195. #wireWAX: Music Meets Commerce Via In-Video Links
  196. #The Importance of Music Video Promotion
  197. #The Value Of Giving Away Your Music For Free
  198. #Facebook Launches "Mentions" App Just For Musicians, Celebrities
  199. #WFMU Building Open Source "Audience Engine" Web CMS For Radio Stations
  200. #New Music Messaging Apps From Soundwave and La-La Take Divergent Routes
  201. #STHoldings Ending Vinyl Distribution This Month, Continues With Smaller Roster
  202. #AM NEWS BRIEF: Twitter + Facebook Buy Buttons, Nokia MixRadio Spin-Off, Pirate Bay T
  203. #Microsoft To Spin Off Nokia's MixRadio
  204. #Recruit Your Fave Band's Fanbase With Your Own Afterparty Show
  205. #Full List Of MTV Video Music Awards 2014 Nominees
  206. #Music Publishing News Weekly Roundup 7.8.14: Martin Bandier, Indie Label Revolt, Rap
  207. #Get Your Music Metadata Right With These 10 Editors
  208. #Squarespace Adds Bandsintown Support
  209. #How They Made The Music Video: OK Go and Tweedy
  210. #Photosynthesis: A Photo & Music Festival
  211. #New Generation of Wu-Tang MCs Hacking Music Distribution on Blend
  212. #Will Paul McCartney's Low-Priced Album Apps Add To Digital Music's Downward Pricing
  213. #Key Spotify Exec Exits
  214. #REWIND: The New Music Industry's Week In Review
  215. #MusicThinkTank Weekly Recap: 16-Point Band Website Assessment Checklist
  216. #Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. & Indie Music
  217. #The Week In Music Commentary
  218. #Last Week's Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  219. #AM NEWS BRIEF: iTunes Fest Announces, Dotcom Names Tony Smith CFO, YouTube Analysis
  220. #Spotify Plans Global Expansion, Says Top Exec
  221. #MusicPlay Analytics and LuckyPennie Join The Brandery Accelerator's New Class
  222. #On The Music Industry Jobs Board: Paid Internship @ Babygrande Records, Cashmere & M
  223. #Feature.fm Sets Song Promo Platform Launch, 8Tracks Partnership [We've Got 100 Free
  224. #How Some Managers and Agents Benefit From Piracy and Low-Paying Streaming Music
  225. #Sparkplug Helps Musicians Rent Gear and Space From Each Other [Updated]
  226. #8 Steps To Building Your Personal Music Brand
  227. #2 Google Execs Forge Closer Ties With Spotify
  228. #AM NEWS BRIEF: Spotify vs Wall St, Labels vs YouTube Stars, MTV + Spotify, Bro-Count
  229. #2 Job Openings At A2IM As VP Jim Mahoney Exits To Head New Merlin NYC Office
  230. #Lars Murray Joins Pandora As VP Of Industry Relations
  231. #History Of Listening: Vinyl To Digital [INFOGRAPHIC]
  232. #Spotify, MTV/VH1/CMT Announce Major Partnership
  233. #Windish Agency Acquires Red Ryder, Adds Agents
  234. #Apple Releases iTunes 12 In Beta
  235. #How To Create A Great Music Video
  236. #The Eroding Prospects For Rock Cover Bands
  237. #Spotify And The Dark Arts
  238. #Cypress Hill Hires Primary Wave For Management
  239. #Riffstation Play Displays Chords For Any YouTube Video But They Need Your Help
  240. #Senzari's MusicGraph.ai Digs Deep Into Music Data With Analytics and Intelligence Al
  241. Untwelve Microtonal Composition Contest with Cash Prizes!!
  242. #WED. NEWS BRIEF: Google Not Buying Spotify, Growth @ Apple, Megaupload Lawsuit Freez
  243. #TuneCore Launches Artist Services Portal, SoundOut Track Smarts
  244. #New On Our Music Industry Jobs Board: Nielsen, Babygrande & More
  245. #MUSIC AD WATCH: Fred Durst Directed eHarmony Commercial
  246. #Ex-Google, SoundExchange Execs Launch Startup To Bring Gaming Revenue Model To Music
  247. #Amazon Prime Music Adds Lots Of Songs. Let's Hope They Stop There!
  248. #Open Labs Releases Stagelight 2.0, Downloads Near 1 Million, Dell and Lenovo Preload
  249. #YouTube Music Product Manager Christopher LaRosa Quitting To Join A Startup
  250. #AM NEWS BRIEF: Facebook Soars, Duran Duran Sues Fan Club, Soundtracker, Spotify, Xbo