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  1. #Beatport Sends Warning To Chart Cheats: "You Might Get Caught"
  2. #Enter The Haggis Compares Crowdfunding Experiences On Multiple Platforms
  3. #How To Effectively Promote Your Music Video on Facebook
  4. #Joan Jett's Blackheart Records and Hot Topic Settle Blackheart Lingerie Infringement
  5. #SF Music Tech Announces 2014 Startup Innovators Challenge Winners
  6. #Don't Ignore Your Email List, Say Fan Engagement Experts
  7. #Promote Your Shows With These 3 Events Listing and Management Sites
  8. #Seattle IT people suffer bad case of Darwin
  9. #US airforce to seal HAARP
  10. #Big Blue boffs mix computing with chemistry
  11. #Microsoft ready to re-Surface
  12. #Anti-crime social networking site owner faces criminal charges
  13. #Music Publishing Weekly Roundup May 15th, 2014: BMI Pop Awards, Songwriter Equity &
  14. ##Fangagement: Artists Crowdsourcing Opinion Part 10: Mark de Clive-Lowe
  15. #FRI. NEWS BRIEF: Sony + UMG Earnings, Beats' $20M Lawsuit, Cash Music Gathers, Grama
  16. #SoundHound Launches Redesigned iOS & Android Apps
  17. #Why A “BYOD” Strategy Might Bring Back The Fun To Music Festival Coverage
  18. #Spotify's Most Viral Tracks US, UK & Global
  19. #Beats Hit By $20 Million Lawsuit From MOG Founder David Hyman
  20. #Exfm Closes Everything On Monday But Founders Say There's More To Come
  21. #Rapper Rocking A Fake Rolex? Don't Let FakeWatchBuster See!
  22. #3 New Platforms for Music Crowdfunding: Payola.fm, Crowdtivate, Crowdtilt Open
  23. #REWIND: The New Music Industry's Week In Review
  24. #MusicThinkTank Weekly Recap: How To Effectively Promote Your Music Video on Facebook
  25. #Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. & Indie Music
  26. #The Week In Music Commentary
  27. #Last Week's Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  28. #Flexible computing hits the right vein
  29. #University formats every computer by mistake
  30. #Cisco tells Obama "hands off our routers"
  31. #Apple punished users for switching to Android
  32. #Broadwell delayed until end of the year
  33. #Billboard Music Awards 2014 - A Full List Of Winners
  34. #AM NEWS BRIEF: New Canadian Digital Rules, Beats Boosts Dev Toolkit, Facebook vs Sna
  35. #Epidemic Sound Music Library Receives $5 Million Series A Funding Round
  36. #Alan Parsons Wants To Eliminate MP3s, Slated To Speak At Subscribed '14
  37. #US arrests Chinese hack suspects
  38. #Vatican bans killer robots
  39. #Aussie cops help US hit hackers
  40. #Harvard and MIT gang up on NSA
  41. #AMD releases Bald Eagle
  42. #Music Streamer Rdio Adds 9 New Countries
  43. #AM NEWS BRIEF: Twitter Soundcloud Deal Updates, Inspired Sues Cleopatra Records, Twi
  44. #Switchcam Quietly Shuts Down, Founders Take New Jobs At Facebook
  45. #YouTube To Acquire Streaming Service Twitch For $1 Billion
  46. #Startup Soundtrack Your Brand Puts Spotify In The Muzak Business
  47. #Rdio Joins Growing BandPage Artist Content Delivery Network
  48. #Spotify Starts Telling Fans Why Their Favorite Music Is Missing
  49. #Anatomy of a Number One Debut on Billboard's Heatseeker Chart
  50. #Moogfest Lost Over $1.5 Million, Seeking Community Funding For 2015
  51. #5 Reasons An Interband Agreement Is A Great Idea
  52. #Crowdtilt Expands DIY Crowdfunding and Ecommerce With "Sell Something"
  53. #Slyde Launches Mobile App To Promote Singles With Rich Content and Monetization
  54. #Lenovo grows like topsy
  55. #Apple Samsung spat turns to insults
  56. #Google wants Divide to conquer
  57. #Iranian President wants to embrace the internet
  58. #Spotify Shows Strongth Growth: 40 Million Active Users, 10 Million Paid Subscribers
  59. #Twitter SoundCloud Deal Appears Dead [REPORTS]
  60. #Even With 1.1 Million Users, Bloom.fm Fails To Find Buyer, Liquidates Assets
  61. #How Will Twitch Acquisition Influence YouTube?
  62. #AM NEWS BRIEF: Pandora "In Jeopardy", EDM Biz = $6.2B, Bop.FM Expands Playlists, Yo
  63. #How To Get Your Music On College Radio
  64. #Music Publishers File Lawsuits Against Top Lyric Sites, Release New Unlicensed Site
  65. #Beats Electronics Hit With More Legal Actions Likely Complicating Apple M&A Talks
  66. #New Release Marketing Drivers: What Your Label Manager Needs To Know
  67. #LyricFind Becomes Sole 3rd Party Representing Universal Music Publishing Group's Lyr
  68. #Facebook Adds Shazam-Like Music, TV ID and Tagging
  69. #atVenu Links With Square To Integrate Credit Card Merch Sales
  70. #Apple too slow to fix hole in iCloud
  71. #Microsoft says no to fixing ancient IE
  72. #Twitter surrenders to the Turks
  73. #Ebay massively hacked
  74. #Network IT bod gets four years for sabotage
  75. #Black Keys Top Michael Jackson As This Week's Best Seller
  76. #AM NEWS BRIEF: Inside Spotify Stats, BitTorrent Traffic Doubles, YouTube vs Indies,
  77. #Audium Expands To Include Spotify, Google Play, Streaming Music Services
  78. #Algoriddim’s Djay App Gives DJs Access To 20 Millions Tracks Via Spotfy
  79. #Rodi: The Radical Keyboard That Just Got (And Deserves) $12.8 Million In Funding [VI
  80. #Successful Musicians Share Simple Wisdom For Rising Artists
  81. #Music Collaboration App WholeWorldBand Receives €5 Million Funding Round
  82. #Samsung Music To Shut Down July 1
  83. #10 Most Shazamed Rock And Indie Songs Of 2014
  84. #Vimeo's Innovative "Copyright Match" System Seeks To Balance Rights and Fair Use
  85. #The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing & Newsletters for Musicians & Bands
  86. #Case Study: Decrease YouTube Video Annotations For Increased Viewing Time and Clickt
  87. #SoundExchange Identifies $2.3 Million In Unpaid Royalties For SAF-AFTRA Members
  88. #Marvell loses ground with the slow death of 3G
  89. #Google does evil to independent music business
  90. #US Senate backs patent trolls
  91. #HP slashes 16,000 more jobs
  92. #Apple offers Phone 5S owners big penises
  93. #AM NEWS BRIEF: New Beats Apple Rumors, Twitter + Video, Asia Holds Key, SFX, YouTube
  94. #Shazam Wins 2014 Appy Award For Music
  95. #186 Million in U.S. Watched Video Online Last Month [NEW STATS]
  96. #Music Publishing New Weekly Roundup May 23rd, 2014: Billboard Awards, Spotify Stats,
  97. #Indie Labels and Associations Respond To YouTube Music Licensing Pressure Tactics
  98. #YCombinator Backed Bop.fm Adds Service-Agnostic Embeddable Playlists
  99. #Music Industry Leadership 101 Is Latest Educational Initiative From Usher's New Look
  100. #Songza Wins 2014 Appy Award For Music
  101. #The Latest Beats Apple Rumors Worth Paying Attention To
  102. #MusicBox: Email Drops of Indie Music
  103. #MusicThinkTank Weekly Recap: The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing & Newsletters for
  104. #REWIND: The New Music Industry's Week In Review
  105. #Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. & Indie Music
  106. #Last Week's Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  107. #Samsung boss out of coma
  108. #Pirate Party suffers in Euro elections
  109. #Washington to ban Chinese hackers from Defcon
  110. #Apple has another crack at a product ban
  111. #AMD runs out of steam
  112. #AM NEWS BRIEF: Songwriter Lawsuit Twists, Qleek Launches, Next Big Sound, Arcade Fi
  113. #Independent Labels Reject YouTube Streaming Deal [Full Text Of Official WIN Statemen
  114. #Next Big Sounds Adds Analytics For Books
  115. #YouTube Releases Video Tips for Electronic Music
  116. #Ximalaya Receives $11.5 Million VC Funding For China's Version Of SoundCloud
  117. #Electronic Music Industry Report Reveals Intertwined Importance Of Live Events and S
  118. #Rap Genius Cofounder Resigns After "Insensitive" Comments On Mass Shooter's Manifest
  119. #Boffins uses lasers to make fruit flies moonwalk
  120. #Kim Dotcom's party allies with a Maori party
  121. #Canadians allow you to turn your mobile on in flight
  122. #Convicted hacker saved corporations
  123. #Foxconn goes mobile
  124. #AM NEWS BRIEF: Beastie's Back In Court, Rap Genius Founder Resigns, EMI Slams MP3tun
  125. #Twitter's Growth Goes International [CHART]
  126. #Spotify Has Been Hacked, User's Data Accessed
  127. #Deadline Nears For USA Songwriting Competition
  128. #Guitar Hero Creators Crowdfund $844,127 To Revive Amplitude Music Game
  129. #Songkick Passes 10 Million Monthly Users, $100 Million Tickets Sold
  130. #Apple Shows iPad Not Just For DJs With New Ad
  131. #Build An Audience By Focusing Your Energy On People Who Connect With Your Music
  132. #Chipzilla pushes into China with Rockchip deal
  133. #Iranians want Mark Zuckerberg in court
  134. #Courts deliver knockout blow to copyright trolls
  135. #Brin: I am too weird for Google+
  136. #Skype can do real time translations
  137. #AM NEWS BRIEF: UMG Fights Digital Lawsuit, Facebook Curbs Auto-Posts, Dear Apple: Pl
  138. #Where Twitter Users Live [CHART]
  139. #Apple Cuts Beats Price $200 Million, Deal To Be Announced This Week [REPORT]
  140. #How Cover Songs Can Take Your Music Career to the Next Level
  141. #TuneCore Names Scott Ackerman CEO
  142. #Indie Music Trade Group A2IM Elects New Directors, Names Advisory Board
  143. #SynchTank: Streamlining The Sync Pitching Process
  144. #Spotify Launches In Brazil
  145. #Songkick Adds Concert Recommendations To iOS App
  146. #British Singer Sam Smith Performs For Google Play In First Live UK TV Ad
  147. #Tiny Rural Hospital's E.R. Overwhelmed By Fans From Summer Festivals Like Sasquatch
  148. #Billboard Adds Twitter Charts, Teaches You How To Game Them
  149. #Social Media and Music: A Brief History
  150. #OFFICIAL: Apple Acquires Beats For $3 Billion, Iovine and To Join Apple
  151. #Full Text Of Apple's Official Beats Acquisition Announcement
  152. #Nvidia denies AMD boycott
  153. #Intel makes robot from 3D printed parts
  154. #Snowden not in bed with Putin
  155. #Apple tries to be cool and buys Beats
  156. #Iranian hackers used Facebook socks
  157. #AM NEWS BRIEF: Apple Beats Deal Details + Reaction, Google Play + Sonos, Twitter, Co
  158. #Tim Cook's Memo To Team Apple On Beats Deal
  159. #An Action Plan For Connecting Directly With Your Fans After The Show
  160. #Mixed Reaction To Apple Beats Deal: Om Malik, Mark Mulligan, Wall Street Analysts &
  161. #SoundExchange, Major Artists Launch 'Project 72' To Fight For Digital Royalties On L
  162. #Mark Mulligan: Apple's Beats Acquisition Driven By Streaming Music's Mutual Fear Fac
  163. #New Research Study Reveals Concert Goers' Mobile Behavior Before, During and After
  164. #Beats New Apple Boss Says "Music Is Dying"
  165. #6 Underreported Takeaways From Apple's Beats Announcement and Interviews
  166. #Beats Music CEO Ian Rogers Largely Missing From Apple Acquisition Coverage
  167. #YouTube Rivals: Yahoo Launching This Summer, Fullscreen MCN Developing VOD Service
  168. #Amazon Prime To Add Free Music Streaming Early This Summer [REPORT]
  169. #Google will try to comply with EU rules
  170. #Patent trolls making smartphones too pricey
  171. #Apple clock details leaked
  172. #Microsoft integrates rival Salesforce Apps
  173. #Ballmer buys a basketball team
  174. #AM NEWS BRIEF: 'Oldies' Digital Music Bill, More Beats Bloviation, Amazon, Don Was,
  175. #Rdio Adds Gapless Playback
  176. #Music Ad Watch: Kayne West's New "God Watch" Drives Adidas World Cup Commercial
  177. #6 Things Every Indie Artist Needs To Know In 2014
  178. #Music Publishing News Weekly Roundup 5.30.14: Beats Apple, Billboard Twitter Chart,
  179. #Apple Paid $500 Million For Beats Music, $2000 Per Subscriber
  180. #Fans Furious After Live Nation Offers 50% Refund After Janelle Monae Cancels
  181. #10 Rules For Promoting Your Live Show With Facebook Events
  182. #Future Of Music Coalition Says Digital Music RESPECT Act Does Not Go Far Enough
  183. #Hardwell, Above & Beyond and Bob Lefsetz Join Speakers List For EDMbiz Conference
  184. #Music Industry Mistreatment Of Interns Is Closely Related To Exploitation Of Musicia
  185. #Crowdfund Your Brick & Mortar Record Store Or Club With Local List
  186. #Volu.me Incorporates iBeacons Into Versatile Band Apps To Selectively Reward Fans At
  187. #REWIND: The New Music Industry's Week In Review
  188. #Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. & Indie Music
  189. #MusicThinkTank Weekly Recap: How Cover Songs Can Take Your Music Career to the Next
  190. #The Week In Music Commentary
  191. #Last Week's Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  192. #ARM sets up shop in Taiwan
  193. #Microsoft's open sauce war ends
  194. #Pirate Bay founder arrested in Sweden
  195. #Confusion hits the networking market
  196. #Google wants to stop white male dominance
  197. #Is Trent Reznor Out As Beats Joins Apple?
  198. #15 Years Ago Yesterday The Music Industry Changed Forever
  199. #(Try To Act Surprised) MOG Shuts Down Forever!
  200. #Will Music Take Center Stage At Apple's WWDC Keynote? What To Expect Today
  201. #AM NEWS BRIEF: More Beats, ReDigi Testifies, Sunde Arrested, Sony Ent Names Prez & M
  202. #Finally, A Reason To Resurrect Your MySpace Page
  203. #3 Undiscussed Game Changing Elements Of The Merger Of Apple and Beats
  204. # iTunes Music Sales Dropping, iTunes Radio Adding Non-Music Content
  205. #18 Ways Musicians Can Make Money
  206. #CONFIRMED: Ian Rogers and Trent Reznor Making Move To Apple
  207. #Musicians: Here's How to Get Started Sharing Your Awesome Pics and Videos On WhatsAp
  208. #Live Nation Launches "Official Events" On Facebook With Ticket Alerts and Sales Link
  209. #Apple iOS 8 Adds Hands Free Shazam Song Recognition, But No Beats Surprises
  210. #Apple installs Bing
  211. #Google Glass is ancient technology
  212. #Intel shows off Broadwell
  213. #Microsoft says start-menu non-starter this year
  214. #Patent troll faces extra damages
  215. #AM NEWS BRIEF: #WWDC, Apple Introduces , BurnLounge Loses Appeal, DTS + UMG, Here
  216. #3 Charts Show Why Apple Bought Beats Music
  217. #SoundCloud Opens 5th Ave. NYC Office
  218. #What Artists Should Know About AudioKite
  219. #The Future of Music And Advertising In Cars
  220. #MUST WATCH: John Oliver's Funny, Smart And Dead-On Explanation Of Net Neutrality
  221. #Beats Never Mentioned At Yesterday's Apple Event, But Got A Phone Call
  222. #Spotify Offers 66% Off Premium Subscriptions
  223. #StubHub Launches Concert Discovery App As Part Of Bigger Push Into Music
  224. #Apple Gained "Cool" With Beats Purchase Says New Survey
  225. #Moment.me Offers Free Event Microsites Well Designed For Music
  226. #Throwing Snow's "Mosaic" Album Cover Enhanced With Layar's Augmented Reality App
  227. #Want To Be Morrissey's Music Publisher? Apply Here
  228. #Apple nicked our name
  229. #Cavium takes on Chipzilla with 48 cores
  230. #YouTube online again in Turkey
  231. #EU wants more robots
  232. #Tech workers boycott IBM, Infosys and Manpower
  233. #You Tube Battle Escalates, Indies Turn To European Commission For "Emergency Assista
  234. #Spotify's Most Streamed & Viral Tracks US, UK & Global
  235. #Pandora Releases May 2014 Audience Stats, Will Suspend Monthly Reporting
  236. #AM NEWS BRIEF: $400M Ticketmaster Settlement, Justice Dept ASCAP BMI Reivew, PwC Mus
  237. #Kickstarter Simplifies Rules, Adds Launch Now
  238. #Spotify Names Top 25 Artists Under 25
  239. #File Sharing Lives: 300 Million Monthly Users, U.S. Ranked #1 [INFOGRAPHIC]
  240. #Shutterstock Partners With Rumblefish To Add Music To Stock Content Library
  241. #Zoe Keating Faces A New Challenge, Can You Help?
  242. #Using Social Media To Get More Fans Out To Your Live Shows
  243. #Lindsey Stirling On YouTube As A DIY Platform: "I can be the kind of artist I want t
  244. #Chrome moves to 64 bit beta
  245. #Microsoft promises cheaper Windows phones
  246. #Microsoft leans on US government over NSA
  247. #Intel shows off unlocked CPUs
  248. #AMD launches mobile Kaveri
  249. #Midem Moves Cannes Conference To June, Announces New Initiatives
  250. #Kobalt Music Completes $140 Million Capital Investment Round