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  1. #7 Top Google Apps For Musicians
  2. #DistroKid Added Beats Music & More Single Fee Distro Outlets, But Who Knew?
  3. #One New Stat From Apple Shows Why iTunes Is [Almost] Unbeatable
  4. #Record Store Day 2014's Outstanding Indie Shop Sales Revealed By New Stats Company
  5. #YouTube Is Now 9 Years Old
  6. #Rabbl Expands Concert Crowdfunding Service With New Fan Rabbls
  7. #Spotify Pulls Vulpeck's Silent "Sleepify"Album, Band Issues Response
  8. #Headhunters claim open season on British developers
  9. #Whitehall investigates Wikipedia edits
  10. #Toshiba's OCZ Storage wants to kill off SATA for SSDs
  11. #Google+ bloke quits
  12. #GitHub boss quits after sexual harassment scandal
  13. #Pandora Stock Falls After Earnings Report
  14. #Spotify, Bella Union, Virgin EMI, Kobalt, Sony/ATV Among 2014 Music Week Award Winne
  15. #ATO, Glassnote, Matador Top U.S. Indie Label & Artist Libby Awards Nominations 2014
  16. #Music Publishing News Weekly Roundup 4.25.14: ASCAP Pop Awards, "I Create Music" Ex
  17. #AM NEWS BRIEF: Questioning Amazon's Streaming, Future Of Music Is Ads, Google+ Woes,
  18. #Prince's WMG Deal Stems From U.S. Laws That Support Master Recording Copyright Termi
  19. #Preparing A Professional Crowdfunding Budget
  20. #Spotify Adds 1 Million UK Users, Poised To Ovetake iTunes Across Europe
  21. #OpEd On Bad Band Behavior: Why Do Rich Kids & Successful Bands Ripoff Other Artists?
  22. #FREE Today Only: TuneIn Pro, Shazam Encore plus 10 More Music Apps Worth $40
  23. #Tango Adds News Feed Opening Messaging App To Music Marketing
  24. #Boring Sounding Things Like Net Neutrality Matter To All Musicians Using The Web
  25. #REWIND: The New Music Industry's Week In Review
  26. #MusicThinkTank Weekly Recap: How To Get Gigs That Make You Money
  27. #Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. & Indie Music
  28. #The Week In Music Commentary
  29. #Last Week's Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  30. #Google about to be given a Gallic bollocking
  31. #Lenovo shows off Windows Tablet
  32. #Boffins build 3D glasses for praying Mantis
  33. #AMD rolls the Kabini die
  34. #Microsoft proves Atari dumped E.T.
  35. #AM NEWS BRIEF: Bowie's Stringer Tribute, Pono Update, Spotify Connects @Coachella, R
  36. #Music's Webby Awards 2014 Winners: Pandora, De La Soul, Jay Z, Dylan, Pharrell and M
  37. #Rdio Catches Up With 320KbPS Streaming, Joins Bob Weir's New "Artists For Quality" I
  38. # Festival Volunteers Bring Class Action Against Live Nation & Insomniac
  39. #Jumpstart Your Music Career With Sync Licensing
  40. #Cato Music Launches Roadie School, PledgeMusic Offers Tech Music School Scholarship
  41. #Record Store Day Fallout: Even Its UK Coordinator Is Questioning The Event
  42. #What's Next For PonoMusic? New Hires, User Interface Redesign & VC Funding, Says CEO
  43. #WATCH: Super-manager, "Supermensch" Shep Gordon Documentary Trailer
  44. #Venzo Digital's Free iTunes Distro Adds Music Videos, Passes $2 Million In Artist Pa
  45. #The Future Of Music Discovery Is In The Numbers
  46. #Microsoft is still cheaper than open sauce
  47. #New zero day flaw for IE tips up
  48. #Governments warn against Internet Exploder
  49. #Brazil's coppers don't know what internet freedom means
  50. #FCC's stance on Net Neutrality could kick off piracy
  51. #Nokia boss denies he was Ballmer’s plant
  52. #Warner Music Group Acquires Gold Typhoon, Gains Foothold In China
  53. #AM NEWS BRIEF: Vevo Explores Sale, Facebook's F8 Conference, Live Nation + Yahoo, Ae
  54. #Spotify Brings Updates To Android
  55. #5 Money Management Tips for Indie Musicians
  56. #Vevo Owners Explore Sale Of Music Video Streamer
  57. #Yahoo To Feature Daily Live Nation Concerts In Multi-Year Deal
  58. #Lyynks Music: Where Any Artist, Venue Or Label Can Function As A Business
  59. #Digital Music Services and The Rise Of EDM
  60. #Sprint Partners With Spotify For Music
  61. #SoundCloud Adds Fan Location Analytics
  62. #100 Days After Beats Music Launch: "It's Working" says CEO Ian Rogers
  63. #Exclusive: BuzzAngle Music Preparing To Pose Serious Challenge To SoundScan's "Fuzzy
  64. #Exclusive: Topspin Media Set For Renewal Under New VP of eCommerce Nic Seitz
  65. #The world celebrates 50 years of BASIC
  66. #Stanford bioengineers develop superfast energy efficient chips
  67. #RF Micro predicts growth
  68. #Microsoft losing millions on Surface
  69. #Iwatch goes to manufacturing
  70. #AM NEWS BRIEF: F8 Today, Music Biz's Streaming Divide, SFX To TV, XBox To China, Twi
  71. #In Business and In Craft: Songwriters, Composers and Publishers Unite at 9th Annual
  72. #Twitter Reports Strong Quater, But Growth Is Stalling.... [CHART]
  73. #The Most Famous Bass Player You've Never Heard Of [VIDEO]
  74. #26% Of UK Youth Who Purchase Music In Physical Formats Don't Buy To Listen
  75. #Amazon's Contract Reveals Plans To Radically Lower Streaming Music Royalties
  76. #The Next Woodstock: Mysteryland USA 2014
  77. #Vevo Launches In Mexico
  78. #Steve Albini and Damon Albarn On Art, Business and The Internet
  79. #Selling Music Audiences To Advertisers Is The Future Of Recorded Music Revenue
  80. #U.S. Copyright Fees Rise Substantially Tomorrow
  81. #Twitter Stock Tumbles As Music Stocks, U.S. Markets Rise
  82. #Facebook Launches AppLinks.org At F8 Developer Confab, Rhapsody Adds Integration
  83. #Sony finds new life in magnetic tape
  84. #Elop gets $33.4 million for leaving Nokia
  85. #Google cashes in on Glass costs
  86. #Patent jury ponders Steve Jobs
  87. #Intel expands Quark
  88. #Bloom.fm Says It's "Game Over" Due To Surprise Withdrawal By Investor
  89. #AM NEWS BRIEF: Rdio Readies Free Service, Facebook 2.0, Imogen Heap, Pandora Royalti
  90. #Rdio, Cumulus To Launch Free Ad-Supported Service
  91. #TuneCore Adds KKBOX, Asia’s Top Digital Music Subscription Service
  92. #14 UK Musical Acts To Receive Support Of £250,000 Export Fund
  93. #MyMusicCloud Now Available On Samsung Smartwatches In Drive To Be Everywhere You Are
  94. #Spotify's Most Streamed & Viral Tracks US, UK & Global
  95. #YouTube Adds Great Free Promo Tool: Intro Videos For All Content Creators
  96. #Concord Music Reorganizes Digital Team
  97. #Top Five Must-Have Music Apps for 2014
  98. #UK phones support US drone strikes
  99. #Nvidia's Jetson board is out
  100. #Apple encryption is like the Loch Ness Monster
  101. #Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Apple are revolting....
  102. #Sony slashes profits again
  103. #StubHub To Promote Emerging Artist Concerts
  104. #AM NEWS BRIEF: Vine Expands, High-Res Audio, DMN vs Grooveshark, iTunes Match To Jap
  105. #Beats Music Adds iPad App
  106. #Music Publishing News Weekly Roundup May 2, 2014: Spotify + Sprint, Imagen, Music Ad
  107. #Do Pandora and Sirius Want To Snuff Out "This Little Light Of Mine"?
  108. #Soundtracker Adds Google Chromecast Support
  109. ##Fangagement: Artists Crowdsourcing Opinion Part 9: Ali Spagnola (@alispagnola)
  110. #Classically Cannabis: The Colorado Symphony Demos A Future Of Pot and Prosperity
  111. #Will Apple's Next EarPods Be The Ultimate Wearable Device?
  112. #Bohemian Guitars Joins 500 Startups Accelerator
  113. #Kobalt Reveals Increased YouTube Royalties With Recently Launched ProKlaim Service
  114. #REWIND: The New Music Industry's Week In Review
  115. #Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. & Indie Music
  116. #MusicThinkTank Weekly Recap: 5 Money Management Tips for Indie Musicians
  117. #Last Week's Most Read Posts On Hypebot
  118. #The Week In Music Commentary
  119. #Jury tells Apple to get a life
  120. #Acer boss retires again
  121. #Paypal exec leaves after offensive tweeting
  122. #Yahoo backs down on "do not track"
  123. #U2 takes out LA airport
  124. #RadioIO Acquires Fan Engagement Platform CrowdStream
  125. #AM NEWS BRIEF: Eventjoy Ticketing Goes Free, Abby Road Expands, Mixtape, Fretpen, Ha
  126. #Music Supervisor For Tarantino Movies Tells You How To Catch A Music Supervisors' At
  127. #U.S. Indie Labels Invited To Submit To UK Independent Music Awards
  128. #Nashville's United Record Pressing To Add Even More Vinyl Presses
  129. #5 Steps to an Amazing Band Website
  130. #Create An Album Preview Video Using YouTube Annotations
  131. #Can Eminem's New Total Slaughter Battle League Breakthrough To The Mainstream?
  132. #New On Our Music Industry Jobs Board: Smithsonian Folkways Marketing Assistant
  133. #3 Quick Resources To Reboot Your Music Website's SEO, Design and Conversion
  134. #Qobuz To Bring High Fidelity Music Streaming, Downloads To U.S. In 2014
  135. #Hypebot Presents: Upward Spiral Podcast Subconference At Music Biz 2014
  136. #AMD gets ambidextrous with one ARM
  137. #Met cops abuse their computers
  138. #Blu-ray is a Norwegian blue
  139. #Inverted world as jury finishes Samsung versus Apple case
  140. #Lenovo polishes the Chrome
  141. #Google Play Music Launches In Canada
  142. #AM NEWS BRIEF: Google Music To Canada, Pandora Adds Promoted Stations, SFX CEO Doubl
  143. #Pandora Adds Promoted Stations
  144. #Music ADHD: Users LOVE The Skip Button, says Spotify Data Scientist
  145. #Asthmatic Kitty Builds Virtual Street Teams From Opt-in Email Newsletters
  146. #One Direction Management Fails To See Humor In "One Erection" Condoms
  147. #Dubset Media Closes Series B Funding Round Led By Rhapsody
  148. #Roadie Tuner Wins Audience Choice Award At Disrupt NY Battlefield
  149. #Bands: How to Properly Use a Landing Page on Your Website
  150. #Indie Artist Alex Winters: Using Concert Window For Livestreaming Shows
  151. #Vevo To Insert and Swap Out Ads In Music Videos Via Deal With Mirriad
  152. #RapGenius Makes Nice With Music Publishers
  153. #Twitter Stock Hits Record Low As Insiders Flee
  154. #It's a bank holiday today!
  155. #AM NEWS BRIEF: TuneIn Relaunches, Bloom.fm Updates, Rhapsody To Add Mixes?, Prince,
  156. #Got A New Band? You'll Need An Internal Band Contract
  157. #Spotify's Most Streamed & Viral Tracks US, UK & Global
  158. #SoundCloud To Deny Access To Classic Interface Next Week
  159. #Live Nation Reports Improving Financials
  160. #Indie Rise Records Outperforms With 5% Of 2014's Hard Rock Record Sales
  161. #Prince Says Major Label Heads "Always at the beach with their kids"
  162. #WARNING: Vinyl Junkies, Please Sit Down Before Watching Jack White Preview His New U
  163. #Sub Pop Opens Record Store At Sea-Tac Airport
  164. #Pandora "The Company Most Likely To Collapse In 2014", Says Top Analyst
  165. #IROCKE Relaunches With Visions Of A Much Bigger Future For Live Streamed Music
  166. #Most Music & Tech Stocks Tumble As Twitter Hits All Time Low
  167. #AOL’s profit slumps
  168. #Intel told to get out of mobile
  169. #Apple loses out to Android, Windows
  170. #Muve Music To Be Sold Or Shuttered By AT&T
  171. #4 Ways For Artists To Get The Most Out Of Bandsintown
  172. #Music Biz Assoc. Convention Moves To Nashville
  173. #AM NEWS BRIEF: Bertlesmann Profits Up, Tech Stocks Tumble, FCC Net Debate, Shazam +
  174. #Man arrested over 3D printed guns
  175. #Music Tech Funding: Fever Nightlife App Nabs $3 Million, Netshow.me Raises Seed Roun
  176. #Warner Music Group Posts $59M Quarterly Loss
  177. #Canadian Radio Music Award Winners 2014
  178. #5th Music 2.0: Tools + Tech May 16th @Boston's Innovation District Hall
  179. #Music Biz Association Names New Board
  180. #8Tracks Shares New iOS App, Impressive User Growth and... Profitability
  181. #Lindsey Stirling's PledgeMusic Campaign Takes "Shatter Me" To Billboard 200 Debut At
  182. #Bandzoogle Upgrades Music Websites With Unified Store and New Design Options
  183. #Music Publishing News Weekly Roundup May 9th, 2014: Rap Genius, SESAC, Downtown & Mo
  184. #Apple In Talks To Buy Beats Electronics, $3.2 Billion, Said To Be Mostly For Headpho
  185. #FRI, NEWS BRIEF: Beats + Apple Rumor Roundup, Shazam Drops Spotify, Gaana, Muve & Mo
  186. #So You Wanna Be An Artist Or Writer Or Publicist?
  187. #Coldplay Sends Fans On A Lyrical Scavenger Hunt
  188. #5 Expert Tips For A Faster, Stronger Music Website
  189. #Did Dr. Reveal Beats x Apple Deal In Video? Illuminati Analysts Yet To Weigh In
  190. # DIY Ad Options Expanding With "Ads by CD Baby"
  191. #REWIND: The New Music Industry's Week In Review
  192. #Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. & Indie Music
  193. #Qualcomm to write $US300 million cheque for Wilocity
  194. #U2 drained US air traffic control of its memory
  195. #Oracle wins new method of trolling
  196. #Apple iPad sales plummet
  197. #FCC changes its mind on net neutrality again
  198. #MusicThinkTank Weekly Recap: 4 Ways for Artists to Get The Most Out of Bandsintown
  199. #3 Creative Ways DIY Musicians Use Online Session Talent On AirGigs.com
  200. #AM NEWS BRIEF: YouTube Safe Harbor Abuse, Yonder = Unlimited Downloads, Apple + Beat
  201. #9 Interesting Reasons Apple Might Buy Beats
  202. #Kittie and Emery Show Why You Should Plan Stretch Goals For Your Crowdfunding Campai
  203. #This Chart Shows Why Apple Paying $3.2 Billion For Beats Makes Sense
  204. #Music Mapped Out: How Fans Interact With Music Across U.S. Regions [INFOGRAPHIC]
  205. #LANDR Establishes A "Gold Standard" For Free Automated Music Mastering
  206. #YouTube, Grooveshark Distort Digital Rules And Indie Music Suffers, Says Beggars Mar
  207. #Goldieblox Paid $1 Million To Charity To Settle Beastie Boys Lawsuit
  208. #OpenStack Summit 2014 is sort of about stacks
  209. #Is Beats Music Worth 3.2 Billion? 3 First Time Users Review The Overhyped Music Serv
  210. #US admits killing people on the basis of their Metadata
  211. #Sony slashes OLED TV production
  212. #Apple knifes resellers to make a quick buck
  213. #Navy sailor hacked from aircraft carrier
  214. #Apple fanboys rush to download Microsoft software
  215. #Beats Music Royalty Report Reveals Low Subscriber Numbers, Even Lower Payments To Ar
  216. #AM NEWS BRIEF: Beats Mania Continues, Dropbox Lands Spotify, Billboard Chart Fix, Me
  217. #Spotify Brings Upgrades To Windows Phone
  218. #Indie Label Advice From The Great Escape 2014
  219. #XO Launches Low Cost, Flat Fee Digital Music Distribution Service
  220. #Tells Us What You Really Think Of The Beats Apple Deal [We've Got Prizes!]
  221. #Learn Music Mixing While Playing With Peter Gabriel's Music
  222. # International Songwriting Competition Awards Grand Prize to Jazz Trumpeter Shunzo O
  223. #Spotify's Past and Future Success Cannot Be Placed On The Shoulders Of A "Saviour"
  224. #Booka Shade Turns 600 Fan Smartphones Into An Orchestra [VIDEO]
  225. #Apple To Add HD Audio To iOS8 [REPORT]
  226. #Blackberry allows rivals access
  227. #Iranian hackers target US defence industry
  228. #Privacy International sues British spooks
  229. #Tablet sales flatten
  230. #Google investors tell board not to be so evil
  231. #3000 Interns Win Class Action Status In Lawsuit Against Warner Music Group
  232. #AM NEWS BRIEF: Spotify Bid For Last.fm, Xbox Preps Music Locker, Sony Music Invests
  233. # Blair Named SVP Promotions At RCA
  234. #Beyond Oblivion: Adam Kidron's Back With Yonder
  235. #What Do You Think Of The Apple Beats Deal?
  236. #Why The Hardest Workers Win And The Complainers Lose…And I’m Totally Fine With It
  237. # Blair Named SVP Promotions At RCA
  238. #A Manifesto For Music Technologists [Read & Sign]
  239. #New On Our Jobs Board: MTV and Smithsonian Folways
  240. #Streaming Now 21% Of All U.S. Music Revenue [CHART]
  241. #DeVon Harris Launches Adventr Interactive Video Creator With John Legend's Help
  242. #Sony Music Buys 26% Stake In Infibeam Digital
  243. #Universal, Warner, Sony Invest $9 Million In Shazam
  244. #Samsung says to workers "sorry for cancer"
  245. #Google hit by takedown requests
  246. #Cisco kid gets all slow on the draw
  247. #Game of Thrones is victory for luddites
  248. #SD card price fixing case back from the dead
  249. #Is There A Snag? More Time Needed To Close Beats Apple Deal [REPORT]
  250. #THU. NEWS BRIEF: Morrissey Tweets!, Spotify To Brazil, New Creative Commons Boss, Pi