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  1. Has anyone used Broadway Lites? Worth the price?
  2. Omnispere / Stylus FX for other tracks or VSTi?
  3. Spectrasonics. to.crear new designs in 2011
  4. New “Recently Added” Browser sorting - Omni 1.5
  5. Benefit of using Spectrasonic 64-bit for live use??
  6. Time+Space interview with Jesper Kyd
  7. Stylus RMX Output Settings?
  8. Omni- can you select a specific sample key?
  9. Trilian Easter Egg
  10. Omnisphere FX Section
  11. Omni Live App - where is it?
  12. Spectrasonics… Also for its followers of Spain
  13. Omnisphere User manual
  14. To set up wireless wifi for windows on your IPad and Ableton Live
  15. What is the best HARP VI?
  16. What works on Pro Tools 7.4
  17. Questions about Sounds Demo in NAMM11 SonicState video
  18. What Spectrasonics plugs work in PT 7.4 (Leopard)?
  19. Omnisphere - Bandpassed Euro Arp 1 Problem
  20. Spectrasonics plugins and latency
  21. Omnisphere and Midi CC
  22. "Enigma" Flute in Omnisphere..Shakuhachi
  23. new member and new spectrasonics user (Omni questions)
  24. Omnisphere and the human voices
  25. Trilian -- bass effects
  26. EWQL Symphonic Choirs
  27. Omni TR is out in the iTunes app store!
  28. Moving Omni samples to a new disk
  29. Omnisphere 1.5?
  30. Omnisphere - Sustain not working
  31. Trillian Acoustic Bass (Full Range) acting clunky
  32. Can't get Atmosphere to show up in Garageband 11
  33. Default multi in Omnisphere
  34. Vir2 Electri6ity update 1.1 problem
  35. Omnisphere: how to stop preset switching when pressing key?
  36. Yellow Tools
  37. Omnisphere 1.5 runtime errors
  38. Omnisphere 1.5 problems with Key Select Mode in Live mode
  39. How can I tell which patches are new in Omnisphere 1.5?
  40. Omnisphere: Is there a way to save a patch in Lite mode?
  41. Holy Granular Batman!
  42. (Slightly) OT: Spectrasonics Website
  43. Omnisphere/Trilian: Live mode, velo-switching, articulations, and more
  44. Scarbee Funk Guitarist released!
  45. I'm new to this forum I am an Omnisphere user
  46. Omnisphere and Special Articulations
  47. A few toughts on future Omnisphere/Trilian updates.
  48. JABB, Reaper...help!!
  49. Stylus RMX and 9 to 16 midi channels
  50. So anyone running Omnisphere on the new 2011 MacBook Pro's?
  51. Trilian Problem
  52. Omni TR: Possible Bug, and annoying issue with the browser
  53. Update 1.5.2d
  54. Installing Omni/Rmx
  55. Hi Omnisphere!
  56. Bridge between samplers and DAWs
  57. Adding to my libraries
  58. RMX max limit on how many grooves can be simplified at once?
  59. using Omnisphere 1.5 alongside 1.04 (two computers, 1 SAGE library) -possible?
  60. Omni TR Best Practices?
  61. Spectrasonics sound designers ever do sound banks for other synths?
  62. Omnisphere: How to modulate Amplitude with Mod Env 1?
  63. Spectrasonics Support
  64. Anyone using Vienna Suite Pro as a slave to Mac PPC or Intel Pro Tools?
  65. Would be cool if Spectrasonics did another charity pack for RMX
  66. BFD2 vs Superior Drummer 2 (specific questions)
  67. Anyone using Vienna Ensemble Pro (VEPro) as a slave to Mac PPC or Intel Pro Tools?
  68. 1.5.3d update
  69. RMX automation no longer works
  70. Daily Deals This Week
  71. GarageBand and Omni TR - the future of touch
  72. Get a free soundtoys plugin. Devil-Loc
  73. When does the OMG1 contest start- assuming delayed due to world events?
  74. 7.2.4z update
  75. Bob Moog Tribute Library - the first 15 minutes
  76. Stylus RMX: Insert Fx Automation - impossible? (Reaper)
  77. Problem with Stylus in Cubase 6
  78. OMG-1: How did you get Omnisphere to fill the ipad screen?
  79. Missing Files
  80. Patch version search
  81. General Purpose Master Keyboard
  82. A little help getting started please...
  83. Suite settingsss
  84. Got Slashed by the Razor!
  85. Stepping through Omni patches without a mouse?
  86. Omni 1.5 update has ruined many of my best patches
  87. "Learn" Button on Aria Playing GPO4?
  88. Omnsiphere- Plucked Dream Piano cuts out after 5 notes
  89. Prediction on future Spectrasonic's release
  90. Omnisphere 1.5.4d just released- start your upgrade engines
  91. Moving JABB to a different drive
  92. Stylus RMX and frequent crashing of Cubase 5
  93. Before you post here to report a problem in a Spectrasonics product...
  94. Omnisphere Updates not working on MacBook Pro
  95. Live performance plus Omnisphere etc
  96. Standalone AU Host- AU Lab- works great with Omnisphere!
  97. Westgate Modular Series patches with better playability
  98. Anything new from Spectrasonics at Musik Messe?
  99. Transfer Omnisphere, RMX and Trilian to new laptop
  100. Stylus RMX - BCF2000 Push Function
  101. Omnisphere Notes Silencing On Patch Change In MainStage
  102. Logic Pro 9, midi CC programming, and automation: how do you do it?
  103. Trilian bass synths -- holy $%!*!
  104. RMX- Time Designer- Pattern- Meter/Variation automation ???
  105. Omni TR: Needs the arp! :)
  106. Stylus RMX key variations suggestion
  107. esoundz Easter $10 sale- any recommendations??
  108. Omni: turn off sustain pedal for a sound?
  109. Can you switch Omnis patchs and keep the same arpeggiator?
  110. Random 'note on' dynamics in Omnisphere
  111. Stylus RMX/XPander packs authorization
  112. S.s.e
  113. Please sample this instrument.
  114. Omnisphere Preset Discovery Thread
  115. Disable Pitch Key Tracking in Omnispher?
  116. Omnisphere Installation Pro Tools 9 - No Plug-ins in PT Mix Window
  117. What Omnisphere patch is this?
  118. Omnisphere VIP Patch error
  119. gjy
  120. Notes Missing
  121. Hardware vs software synths.
  122. Trillian - Spontaneous deauthorization
  123. RMX rex conversion increases data amount-why?
  124. Samples are clipping/distorting in Symphobia 1? What the?
  125. Hand-Dampen Timpani?
  126. Trilian and RMX Library Footprint
  127. Help With Omnisphere Patch Needed!
  128. Stylus RMX - Learn MIDI To Part Play Buttons
  129. New Omnisphere and Trilian Updates Alert
  130. RMX Memory use increases with multi/part clear
  131. Omnisphere 1.5.5e crashing Cubase like crazy
  132. Cubase SX refuse to remember VST patch
  133. Problem with Trilian patches
  134. Need Help ASAP On Getting This Sound For A Client
  135. Omnisphere update a bit strange?
  136. Trilian gliss up
  137. Some new Trilian videos at Spectrasonics
  138. Omnisphere: Problem with Classic Nylon Guitar samples?
  139. Wave Interference (Omnisphere + Other Heavy Sample Library = Weird phenomenon)
  140. VOX DE BULGARIA - new vocal pack for Stylus RMX
  141. RMX POWER CONTROL – new Logic Midi Editor for Stylus
  142. Re-installing Stylus RMX
  143. Stylus RMX Multi question
  144. COMPLETE Noob to music needs help starting.
  145. Import voice to Omnisphere
  146. EastWest Hollywood Brass out on July 10
  147. Stylus RMX missing menus
  148. Omni TR & MIDI Automation
  149. I need to give Spectrasonics some more money!!!!
  150. Problem SAGE converter 1.6
  151. Audioport Universal cross-platform software FREE TRIAL!
  152. New bugfix updates at Spectrasonics
  153. Mac OS X 10.7 Lion compatibility
  154. Stylus RMX groove audition
  155. Issue with Trillian
  156. Will someone will create a midi controller for spectrasonics product?
  157. Please vote for me
  158. Noob to Electronic Music -- from a classical background
  159. Omnisphere: Modulation for Layer B greyed out and not changeable
  160. Stylus RMX Groove Elements as Ableton Live Clips?
  161. selecting patch in omnisphere does not change axiom's midi channel output
  162. OMG 1 contest deadline
  163. Garritan ARIA player setup help
  164. OS X Lion loses Rosetta support- thus Stylus RMX will be impacted
  165. Mixing dilemma with Trilian
  166. Best way to install and organise Spectrasonics libraries
  167. Omnisphere / RMX / Trilian on a Macbook Air...??
  168. stylus: how to find a loop-sound as one-shot in 'sound menue'?
  169. Omnisphere with Fruity Loops 9 trouble with...
  170. Alicia Keys-Please vote for me!
  171. Omni-TR with multiple instances of Omnisphere
  172. Thinking of trying out Reaper
  173. Interview
  174. New Omnisphere Video posted - "The Dubstep Bass"
  175. Plans for Omni TR on Android?
  176. Upgrading sample harddrive - will ilok/libraries still work seemlessly?
  177. Sound Refinery launch (Kontakt instruments)
  178. Transfer RMX from G5 to Intel based Mac
  179. Half, Double time in Stylus RMX
  180. Why can't I control MIDI with Omnisphere via Cubase?
  181. For Omnisphere Church Musicians out there- check out latest Hillsong Youtube videos
  182. Is Omnisphere 100% good to go with Lion and Logic
  183. need your help forum
  184. OMG-1 Contest Winner announced in a few days!!!!
  185. modulating choir Oohs and Ahs
  186. New: VSTWrapperBuilder
  187. Congratulations to all the Spectrasonics Winners!
  188. Program Omnisphere Using SysEx
  189. Strange problem with spectrasonic user patches and midi cc saving.
  190. If Alchemy Mobile can do it, I think Omni TR should too...
  191. Anyone Using Sonivox Vocalizer
  192. 10 New Omnisphere Multis - Share The Love!
  193. Omnisphere presets that sound like the Logan Vocalist
  194. Newbie question -- capturing/recording a live/Omni TR session?
  195. BEST 'Full Feature' Orchestral VST - EastWest? VSL? Symphobia?
  196. 10 Omnisphere Multis For The Bob Moog Tribute Library - Share The Love Part 2!
  197. Logic 9 Macros
  198. Granular synth fixed - THANK YOU!!!
  199. Omni TR in IOS5?
  200. Omni Orb on iPad - amazing. Plus some thoughts on future development
  201. GPO expression maps
  202. To Eric Persing regarding Pro Tools AAX format
  203. SoniVox Support
  204. ReCycle 2.2 and the RMX converter
  205. How do you make loops play sequentially in Kontakt?
  206. Please someone Eric, EW, anyobdy build me this!
  207. Rob Papen Plugins . . . some comments from a proud user.
  208. Pitch bend in Kontakt's VSL selection? Scripting issue or bug?
  209. Aria in VEpro Multi - can't assign channel outputs
  210. best bass these days?
  211. Any new updates coming from Spectrasonics???
  212. best orchestral/ solo instruments these days?
  213. Import custom sound sources in Omnisphere
  214. Which headphoes do you use with your DAW
  215. Port Omni iPad app. to Win and MAC?
  216. Mistake: Installed VIP Lib : How to clean up?
  217. Blank challenge code Omnisphere/Logic-9
  218. Noobie here: Having trouble with Spectrasonics Trilian and Pro Tools 8.05
  219. Spectrasonics things I would love to see...
  220. New Logic and MainStage updates- anybody find issues with Omni/Trillian/Stylus??
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  222. how good is recycle?
  223. Omnisphere and Distorted Reality 1&2
  224. Omnisphere is there a way to merge browser tag and project settings between machines?
  225. For Sale Gigastudio 4 with dongel
  226. Is music realy having a facelift
  227. Omnisphere - Can't get User CC to move parameter in matrix zoom
  228. Garritan World Instruments
  229. Progression for Ipad - Top notch app for creating guitar tabs and composing
  230. Best Piano Instrument or Sample set for Jazz/Nordic Jazz
  231. Big question about which libraries to buy next!
  232. HELP ! My Omnisphere User'Multis unreadables !
  233. How to change midi channel for Omnisphere?
  234. Omnisphere (DAW Reaper) - Attack Problem
  235. You may like this
  236. Aria Sticking on One Note
  237. NAMM 2012 OmniGuessing
  238. Logic Transform Sets for Garritan instruments
  239. Spectrasonics Omnisphere and Shepard Tone samples
  240. "Mavericks of Sound Design" video
  241. Garritan personal orchestra
  242. Best Piano VST ???
  243. Love is Not All Around piano cover - MUST SEE!
  244. PT8 this GPO4: How do we talk?
  245. Omnisphere- would love to see a simple update for latch mode
  246. New Omnisphere Pack
  247. VOX DE BULGARIA - Spring Discount !
  248. Cubase 6 (64bit) and vst plugins (32 bit)
  249. Galaxy X
  250. Stylus RMX-can you merge complete suites?