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  1. TRILIAN - v1.3 Software and Library Updates available
  2. OMNISPHERE - v1.3 Software and Library Updates available
  3. OMNISPHERE - New VIP Library available now
  4. Stylus RMX
  5. Trilian Artifacts
  6. Omnisphere skips first note in Logic playback?
  7. OmniLive with 1.3 problem network ?!
  8. Is there a way to capture Omni's Live Mode output?
  9. Trillian Multi Question
  10. 'Enable Host automation' stops working eventually?
  11. Unable to update Omnisphere software to 1.3.1c
  12. Importing another sample library into Structure
  13. Installing New Internal HD
  14. omnispher update 1.3.1 problem
  15. Sample meter Omnisphere 1.3
  16. Logic Wont Play Omnisphers First Note
  17. Omnisphere Server: How much RAM?
  18. Trillian and kaoss pad ?
  19. Trilogy- new hard drive mount issue and .dat file
  20. Stylus -Cant Open user library
  21. Spectrasoniic-please make videos available in more formats
  22. How to use Omnisphere within a Host (Logic)
  23. Trilian Velocity Articulations
  24. Omni/trillian how to isolate new presets
  25. Vienna Imeprial
  26. Can Trillian do this?
  27. Omni pics missing
  28. Omni/Trillian Updating
  29. Turning off latched notes in Omnisphere
  30. Possible to search for grooves in Stylus?
  31. ARTIST VIDEOS - New Lyle Mays and Alex Acuņa videos posted
  32. Latest software patch...can I install with SX3?
  33. Please put a Piano in Omni
  34. Problem with Omni and Trilian VIP Patches
  35. Omnisphere PitchWheel synchronisation with FL Studio
  36. Reggae Stylus
  37. Trillian Live Mode other than on midi channel 1
  38. Stylus RMX and non 4/4 measures
  39. To Eric - Please Fix This
  40. Trilian- where is the Drive Custom Control??
  41. how to insert key switches into a midi file?
  42. Stylus RMX problem after updating Kontakt
  43. Stylus Rmx + Acid Pro - Drag and Drop
  44. Considering 64bit
  45. Sage Converter in Snow Leopard?
  46. Newbie question- can I combine parts from different sounds
  47. Logic shows Omni/Trilian using 1 core
  48. Remarkable iPad discovery with Omnisphere/Trilian/RMX
  49. Trilian- Midi Learn and custom controls question
  50. Omnisphere: will my MBP 13" run it?
  51. Logic and multiple channels for Omni/Trilian/Sylus solution
  52. Dead sample drive, need to reinstall Omni/RMX/Trilian??
  53. Newby needing a little help re: Omnisphere 64bit dll
  54. NI Authorizations
  55. Omnisphere Programming Question
  56. Unable to learn CC120 and above??
  57. secondary drive question
  58. Omnisphere - How Do I? -- 16th note filter pattern?
  59. Off topic- how about a Spectrasonics "Day in the life of..." video
  60. Acceptable Usage
  61. How many revisions of RMX are left?
  62. Nice standalone solution for Mac
  63. Can't re-access new videos for Trilian
  64. XP x86 to w7 x64.. 32 bit vsti's not usable
  65. Does Trilian have a smart loader?
  66. RMX: add midichannels to the mixerpage?
  67. Omnisphere -keep arp while changing sounds?
  68. Re-installation of Stylus RMX
  69. Omnisphere mixer channel
  70. Looking for particular sounds
  71. New Omnisphere/Trilian "Groove Envelopes" tutorial video posted
  72. New Song - Robbery
  73. Installing Omnisphere, Trilian and RMX on second computer
  74. Latch Mode Question?
  75. Multi out name convention, miinor request
  76. Is my PC at fault?
  77. Spectrasonics Omnisphere -video
  78. GPO4 Aria FL Studio Tutorial - testing video tutorials
  79. Is it possible to export/import Projects
  80. In search of good vst pads
  81. Missing sound in Stylus RMX
  82. Can Omnisphere do Wavetable type synthesis?
  83. Stylus Kit mode
  84. Stylus RMX "sound menus"
  85. Cannot Authorize Omnisphere in Nuendo 5
  86. 3 year old Protools session - need to restore Atmosphere patch w/ Omnisphere - how?
  87. How big is the full install of RMX
  88. Could Omnisphere Do This?
  89. EWQL Goliath?
  90. New Omnisphere/Trilian "Latch and Trigger Modes" tutorial video posted
  91. motherboards
  92. Omnisphere - Running out of memory warning message
  93. Omnisphere & Trilian problem
  94. Omnisphere and Trilian ratings backup
  95. RMX amp envelopes - how fast?
  96. "Tigris & Euphrates" - voices of the Ottoman Empire
  97. problem with groove envelopes in omnisphere
  98. Sudden Problem loading Stylus RMX in Cubase 5
  99. So happy- now a Complete Spectrasonics Fanboy!!!
  100. Spectrasonics Trilian: How to get realistic 'Adam Clayton' style basslines out of it?
  101. Spectrasonics Trilian: How to get realistic 'Adam Clayton' basslines out of it?
  102. Panning reverb in Omnisphere?
  103. Omnisphere Activation Problems
  104. Spectrasonics and Snow Leopard
  105. RMX slices up Clyde Stubblefield ?
  106. Help to setup live performance for church
  107. Human body as an instrument
  108. iPad monitor extender beta available for Windows
  109. Omnisphere,RMX patches and settings disapear after reopening project
  110. trilian - one of many newb questions - cmd click to reset fader parameters
  111. missing trilian patches ?
  112. Plugin advice
  113. MIDI Learn not saving/restoring when I reload Omnisphere
  114. Alternatives to Korg controllers?
  115. Trilian Install Fail Mac
  116. Omnisphere - Saving patch without saving multi
  117. 3rd Party Stylus RMX expansions- what do you recommend?
  118. Why can we only import REX files into RMX?
  119. Stylus RMX Backbeat library size
  120. Logic Pro 8 and PLAY SD2 output problem.
  121. Omnisphere Installation Problem (Fix for everybody?)
  122. Thinking about this laptop for Spectrasonics Products
  123. twenty one
  124. Graphics bug at startup in Omnisphere?
  125. [Spectrasonics] Possible to split STEAM folder on different locations?
  126. new motherboard question
  127. Stylus RMX Users - can you rename presets?
  128. Air Display Windows Alpha in full swing
  129. Novation Zero Controller and Cubase problem
  130. Any Good Omnisphere Programmers Out There Willing to Help Me Create Sweeps?
  131. trilogy new install problem
  132. Suggestion for ext firewire HD for MBP to run Spectrasonics
  133. Quick tutorial for reinstalling Stylus on Win 7(64bit)?
  134. What Happened?
  135. New George Duke / Greg Phillinganes Trilian video
  136. Spectrasonic VSTi, K4 etc. performance on i7/X58
  137. Q about Chaos Capture in RMX
  138. Intro sound for Oh Happiness (David Crowder Band) =-Omnisphere?
  139. Halion Symphonic Orchestra
  140. IS Upgrade possible from xp pro to win 7
  141. Additional instruments?
  142. Need help with Omnisphere sound
  143. trillian install needs help
  144. Trilian - TR Double Fretless - Add full articulations sets please
  145. How do I get Pink Floyd keyboard/synth/organ sounds out of Kontakt 4?
  146. Elephant instruments Omni + Trilian = 75,5 gig!
  147. We can't be a fly on the wall . . . so I'll just ask; Dear Spectrum
  148. Using FX in Omnisphere
  149. Laptop for Trilian LIve Performance
  150. RAM - 8GB or 12GB?
  151. Spectrasonics .db files?
  152. Firewire Drive Recommendation?
  153. Ivory II STILL not going to be 64 bit for Mac..
  154. Stylus RMX title bar - disappeared - unable to move window
  155. can rmx follow beat map in Logic?
  156. Stylus RMX suggestion : Audition AutoPlay
  157. omnisphere.. stupid question
  158. Trilian - Live Mode - Slide Down plays every other time???
  159. Dual 2.66Ghz 12-core or Single 3.33Ghz 6-core ?
  160. Omnisphere in Sonar 6 LE
  161. So Eric? Whatchya' up to? Any surprises looming that you can tell us about?
  162. help with stylusRMX
  163. rtpMIDI - public release of Windows-driver compatible to Apple network MIDI
  164. rtpMIDI - public release of Windows-driver compatible to Apple network MIDI
  165. Rush Tom Sawyer in Omnisphere
  166. I updated my novation automap software and my trilogy host/editor now comes up blank
  167. I updated my novation automap my trilogy host/editor now comes up blank
  168. automap and trilogy
  169. Omnisphere reinstall without library?
  170. Omnisphere reinstall without library?
  171. Triliand system settings
  172. Trilian system settings
  173. SSD's for large sample sets
  174. Can I put NOS in the EXP folder for Stylus?
  175. Trilian - output levels
  176. Issues converting REX with SAGE Conveter 1.6
  177. Can't find triptlets in Omnisphere arpeggiator clock
  178. New Artist Videos featuring Trilian controlled via MIDI Guitar
  179. So I'm searching bestservice.com looking for a good classical library...
  180. Is this Omnisphere?
  181. Stylus RMX - Not Enough Space To Install - ERROR ???
  182. Trilian install - getting error message
  183. Velvet
  184. trilian keyboard octave help...
  185. Some Omnisphere presets
  186. frustrated with omnisphere LFO
  187. Rate these orchestral libraries
  188. Omnisphere - erasing patches
  189. Problem when starting Trilian or Omnisphere (after upgrade)
  190. Transferring rmx loops into sonar, first time that it does not sound like in rmx.
  191. Omni and Trilian using too much ram when no samples loaded?
  192. Where are RMX saved presets in the computer?
  193. Finding sounds in Omnisphere
  194. Dead?
  195. Omnisphere- annoyed about the clear search button
  196. Trillian Memory Errors in Mac Pro with 6GB ram
  197. Trilogy Trouble
  198. Vienna Ensemble Pro or Bidule?
  199. Your take on these two
  200. It's all In milliseconds
  201. Just went Win7 64 bit, question on Spectrasonics plugs.
  202. How to delete folders I've added from Omnisphere browser?
  203. Having a blast experimenting with flute + Mainstage + Stylus- but....
  204. Where Are The Keyswitches in Trilian?
  205. Question about general mixing techniques regarding stereophonic sounds (Omnisphere)
  206. Spectrasonics At NAMM This Year
  207. Delay in Omnisphere
  208. Help? Trilian Live Mode (key switching) no longer works since moving STEAM
  209. Anyone know where the Spectrasonics Sage Converter updates are?
  210. Does a bigger page file (virtual memory) help VSTi performance and sample access?
  211. Stylus RMX bug? "Show Plugin" button dies in Ableton 8 - anyone experiencing this?
  213. 2 RMX/Omni Midi control questions
  214. FIRESALE on Marcel Barsotti´s Ethno World Selection
  215. Kontakt 4 and external aftertouch help please!!
  216. Where oh where has Spectrum gone?
  217. Decision Time: Wait For Possible GPO4 Holiday Sale, or Spring For EWQLSO Plat Plus
  218. Routing analog paths in Protools - need help when using in Pro-tools
  219. Trilian overloading cpu?
  220. Christmas sale on Trilian?
  221. Stylus RMX Time Designer and learn parameters
  222. Does Spectrasonics ever do any Christmas patch collections for users?
  223. Looking for a new Soft Synth
  224. Stylus RMX and New Orleans Struts
  225. Trilian Installation Question
  226. Looking for best sax sound for WX5
  227. No sound in Trilian
  228. OMNISPHERE - please help!
  229. Using Trilian in a live performance
  230. New to Production. Need Some good Soft synths
  231. Tg2010io!!!!
  232. Omnisphere patches and pitchbend comment
  233. Can't hear output from Kontakt 4 VSTI in sonar 8.5 64 bit
  234. Stylus RMX - importing rex2 files using SAGE conveter
  235. Which synth to design sounds for
  236. Omnisphere: Lotus flute air
  237. Atmosphere x64
  238. choirs /voices + Finale 2011 humanplayback + Mac
  239. Disable Expression Pedal in Trilian?
  240. Omnisphere- mouse scroll wheel scrolls down, but not up
  241. NAMM 2011 and Spectrasonics
  242. Problems with Project Sam Orchestral Brass Classic and kontak 4/sibelius 6
  243. Spectrasonics, Bizarre Guitars, Metamorphosis etc. QUESTIONS!
  244. Omnisphere power synth instrument issues
  245. Looking for best general sample libraries
  246. Omni TR
  247. Orb today, tomorrow the world...
  248. Where are the touchscreen controllers
  249. Strange problem with an Omni patch
  250. MIDI control of volume in Omnisphere